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  1. csabika

    csabika Active Member

    its pissing me off the phone was so nice before 2.2 update now is slow when i type its stuck and just a pain to use !!!! just responding slooooow

    i dont know what to do i dont have any apps instaled ,, im thinking to buy a different phone ..............damn you 2.2

  2. copracr

    copracr Member

    I'm right there with you. I've uninstalled everything, added everything I can to the auto-end list, and sent the phone back twice. I will continue sending it back until i get one working or they send me a working phone. This is unacceptable, if anyone knows what can help this please fill us in
  3. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    Mine has been running fine since the update a few months ago (US version). Also running Launcher Pro however I had to uninstall, then re-install Launcher Pro following the update. Phone was very laggy, and did not function properly (screen layout) following update. There may have been 1-2 other apps not working properly, and also needed re-installing.
  4. 2ndHalfCor

    2ndHalfCor Well-Known Member

    There is a bug in 2.2.1 where the "init" process will run constantly at like 70% cpu and slow everything down. I don't know what turns it on, but once it's running, it's curtains. Download OS Monitor free from the Market and run it and see if "init" is running as PID 0, and running constantly. You can't force it to close either, it just starts up again.

    The work around is to go into Settings / Applications / Development and turn USB debugging on, then reboot. I have no idea why this works, I found it on another site for another Motorola phone (Droid?). But it does work if this is your problem.
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  5. bennytheball

    bennytheball New Member

    :) AWESOME!!! my Defy back to normal:)
    And just in time, the hammer was ready to fall on it!!!
  6. Nomad0404

    Nomad0404 Member

    I so hope this works because I'm pulling my hair out since upgrading!!
  7. jackiexx

    jackiexx Member

    great app thanks. do you know anyway you can turn off certain programs for good (apart from uninstalling them) like ones that came with the phone, one being Social Networking, that's using loads of CPU.. i can shut it off but it keeps restarting.
  8. urbandistrict

    urbandistrict New Member

  9. druss

    druss Member

    also had this i use cm7, it runs great
  10. !on

    !on Well-Known Member

    Dunno if this is related, but updated to 2.2.2 official UK (from leaked 2.2.1) for warranty repairs. I found some things acting oddly, some apps crashing, & YouTube presenting a black screen. This is unacceptable so went back to my 2.2.1 nandroid. Phew!

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