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Phone Calendar no longer syncing with GoogleSupport

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  1. DanDroide

    DanDroide Well-Known Member

    My calendar app, on my Bionic of course, does not seem to be syncing with my Google Calendar as was earlier nor as it worked on my OG Droid. It also doesn't show up on google calendars anymore and doesn't show my appointments from my phone on our Xoom, as it used to either.

    I input the appointments on my Bionic.

    On my Bionic, under "My Accounts" it has "Phone - Backup Assistant" with a LOCK next to it. An AOL email account I use via the stock email program, and my gmail account "MyAccount@gmail.com" listed. Just the 3 accounts

    Under Calendar settings (on my Bionic), under manage calendars I have:
    "MyAccount@gmail.com" - Google, says "synced, visible
    "US Holidays - synced, not visible

    In the same "calendar settings area" under the "Phone Calendar - Phone storage" says "not synced, visible"

    I used to use the Widget "Agenda Widget Plus" which was great as a Realtor showing my upcoming appointments. Now it only shows Holidays and none of my appointments that are in my Calendar on the phone.

    Temporarily, I have been using the Widget "CalWidget" FREE and it shows all my appointments but I don't like it as much.

    Some how I lost Google Calendars I think.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

  2. jestexman

    jestexman Well-Known Member

    Try this Settings> Applications > Manage Applications > All (at the top) > scroll to find the Calendar app > tap on it and the tap clear data

    That will basically clear it out from your phone all together and force it to re-download everything.

    Also under My Accounts tap on the Google account and you should see everything that is synced to your phone via Goggle. make sure that cal is checked. Also check and un check it to see if it starts to sync or gives errors.. Try this and if it dont work there are somethings (will have to look them up) that you can do via the calendar on your pc to see what it is.
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  3. DanDroide

    DanDroide Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I just tried those and still nothing on my Google Calendar from my PC and the Agenda Widget still just shows Holidays. Phone Calendar still shows my appointments. It's a head scratcher.
  4. jestexman

    jestexman Well-Known Member

    Try removing your Google account under my accounts and adding it back. Did you add these appointment's from your phone or from the PC.. if so they are stored on your phone and not being pushed to GC on pc.. (which is what your saying the problem is)
    On the PC look to the left it should say my calendars.. should list you gmail account as one of the calendars. The little arrow next to My Cals click that and go to settings and look around in there for something funny..

    when you checked and unchecked Google Cals on your phone did it sync? What is the date of last sync... Today?
  5. jestexman

    jestexman Well-Known Member

    Man i am slow!! Ok i looked at what you typed again and you say that phone storage is Not Synced but visible.. When i add a appointment on my phone it d defaults to the phone storage cal... And you don't have it to sync (i don't either!!!)

    I could be way off base.. .
  6. DanDroide

    DanDroide Well-Known Member

    I haven't removed the Google Account yet.

    I added the appointments on the phone. Looking on Google Calendar via my PC, I noticed my appointments stopped on September 19th...nothing added since.

    I noticed too, that when I go into Calendars ON MY PHONE > Manage calendars, where it says "Phone Calendar" it says "not synced, visible" - The ICON to the right of that, the "refresh arrows" are GREYED out & only the Eyeball changes if I click on the Icon.
  7. jestexman

    jestexman Well-Known Member

    It looks like phone cal or phone storage is just that.. Just for the phone. Try opening up one of your appointments and edit it (the pencil) at the very top what does it say Phone Cal? If so i bet like me your phone defaults to Phone Cal instead of your Synced Gmail Cal. Go back to when it started working and see if the other appointment's where added to your gmail cal or phone cal.

    Looks like Phone Cal is just for you and the phone.
  8. across81

    across81 Member

    When adding a new event make sure that in the first drop down menu you choose your main account and not the phone cal. I only had to change it once to get it to stay that way.
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  9. DanDroide

    DanDroide Well-Known Member

    Got it...Thanks! Jest (& across)

    I think the clearing Data part did the trick ...then it took a while to take affect.
  10. junksecret

    junksecret Member

    I had the same problem with my Moto Bionic, I solved it. While using Calendar app, hit menu/settings/manage calendars. You will see a list of all the different "sub-calendars" that appear on your phone. (Make sure the arrows on the left are all pointing down, to see all of your sub-calendars - tap them if they are pointing up).

    The top calendars is "Phone Calendar", probably with status of "not synced, visible." You will see below it other calendars, including your google account calendar, probably with status of "synced, visible."

    Tap on the Phone Calendar until it says "not synced, *NOT* visible. I think what is happening is that, when you enter events on your phone, they are entered into a non-syncing "Phone Calendar" instead of your syncing google calendar. By making "phone calendar" not visible, you enter an event into your google calendar, and it will sync.
  11. sklakhani

    sklakhani New Member

    Well, I had recently reset the phone and after that, none of the google apps (contacts, gmail, calendar) were sync'ing automatically... manual sync worked fine but auto-sync stopped working after the reset...

    another thing to try is to add the 1x4 power widget to screen and then turn on the sync icon (where gray is off and green bar under the icon is on). I spent two days digging through the menus and 1 hour with VZW and Motorola support... the Motorola support guy at 18003316456 told me to do this... works great.
  12. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    You can also do this by going to Settings | Battery & data manager | Data delivery and make sure Background data is checked.

    If you un-check it you will notice that the control you mentioned is grayed out. If you check it again the control is green.

    ... Thom
  13. NoClue48

    NoClue48 Member

    Thanks! That is great advice and it worked for me. I've been struggling with this issue since I first got my Bionic.

  14. cmonster1221

    cmonster1221 New Member

    HELP! None of the above solutions have worked for me. At all.
    I've double-checked to make sure that the settings are correct when looking at the calendar from the PC, and from the phone. Everything is supposed to be syncing properly based on the settings, but I get nothing.

    I'll add an event on my phone, making sure that I have selected the appropriate calendar from the drop-down box at the top. The event appears on the calendar...and then disappears within 1-2 minutes. It NEVER appears on the calendar view on the PC.

    I've been using google calendar on my Incredible for 2 years flawlessly and now I can't add a simple appointment. I MUST be able to use this phone for making appointments as this is my main business scheduling device. Please HELP!!!
  15. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    Are all of your calendars synced with Google Calendar?

    If so, I think that your best bet is to go into (from home) settings->applications->manage applications. Tap the "All" tab, then find "Calendar Storage" and tap it, and then tap the button "clear data".

    This will wipe all of the calendars from the phone and they will be replaced after the next sync with Google Calendar.

    Again, make sure that you are not putting events in "Phone Calendar" - that does not sync with Google. Make sure that all of the calendars (except that) are listed as synced-visible. Add the Power Control widget to one of your home screens (even temporarily) to make sure that the icon second from the right - it looks like a white circle with two arrows inside pointing at each other's ends - is turned on (that is, make sure that syncing is turned on.)

    See if that helps.

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