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  1. tutone

    tutone New Member

    hi all,

    i used google calendar sync ( to merge my outlook calendear into my google account, which worked quite well. All my outlook appointments are now shown at google calendar.

    however, when trying to sync my phone calendar with google calendar, not all appointments are getting synced, thus i still miss many of them on my phone.

    is there any known reason why this isnt working properly and importantly, how can get the missing appointments synced on my phone?

    Thanks a lot for any assistance :)


  2. robdy2k

    robdy2k Active Member

    I have this problem too and there doesn't seem to be many solutions out there for this? Any ideas?
  3. kezbabybabe

    kezbabybabe New Member

    You are in luck, I found these instruction on Google which helped me with this issue:

    I hope that helps some of you. :)
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  4. nnic

    nnic New Member

    I know this post is old but I'm having a problem whose recommended solution was the one you suggested, except for the syncing part at the end (last 4 steps):
    my stock calendar app (android 4.1.1) used to sync with google cals ok until I added new gcals in my google account (on the google calendar website). These new calendars never showed up on the phone even if they appeared on the web. When clearing calendar storage all my google calendars disappeared from the calendar app on the phone... panic was close.
    then I came across your post, with these additional steps to apparently re-enable syncing with the deleted cals, but it doesn't work: I click refresh all, or tick and untick cal syncing, the phone updates the 'last sync' date displayed, but when I come back to the calendar app (from the account settings), it is still desperately empty...

    Am I missing anything obvious?

    Thanx for your potential answers, especially given the age of the thread.

    Edit ~2h later: pb solved, it actually takes a loooong time before google calendars show up again in the calendar app. Longer than a sync, longer than the spinning time of the syncing wheels, longer than rebooting the app or the phone, it took my phone (gal note II) roughly 2 h to progressively display the cals back. So BE patient when doing this procedure.
    In the end my new calendars DO appear on the phone so it FIXED the problem.
  5. tutone13

    tutone13 New Member

    I can't believe I'm having the exact same problem as person who started this thread... wonder what the odds are. Anyhow, my Note2 is allowing me to sync FROM Google calendar but not TOO Google calendar. been going on for about 3wks now. I need to be able to schedule appts on the fly and this is really letting me down. Help!

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