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phone call recorder

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  1. lobe50

    lobe50 Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to record phone calls on the Droid?
    Or do/can you use a market app for this? I searched "call recorder" in the market & there wasn't much and reviews were not great. Anyone know of any other ways?

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  2. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    + 1 :)
  3. DroidPower

    DroidPower Well-Known Member

  4. lobe50

    lobe50 Well-Known Member

    OK, I have been trying out some I have found on the market, but none work :(

    So far i have tried DROIDRECORD, and Phone Recorder.
    Anyone know of one that works????
  5. aaronmach1

    aaronmach1 Well-Known Member

    what does bump and +1 mean?
  6. joneee

    joneee Well-Known Member

  7. PittCaleb

    PittCaleb Well-Known Member

    FYI, if you make and receive calls using Google Voice, you can record calls through that service.

  8. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    +1 meaning you would like to know to & BUMP means bumping the post up to the top of the thread -> to make people see -> hence hopefully answer :)

    @Joneee & pittcaleb

    What about those that don't have Google Voice? {Like me in the UK}:D
  9. PittCaleb

    PittCaleb Well-Known Member

    @Carl C - well, you could move to someplace with a better climate, say San Diego, CA, USA ;-)

    Personally, I do NOT make outgoing calls through Google Voice and only a fraction of my incoming calls come in that way. But it is a slick feature. Do other VOIP-based services offer call recording? Could you use any of those?

  10. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Well now that you mention it......... lool :D

    I don't use Voip services only calls through my mobile {network} at the moment , It looks like were going to have to stick in and wait to see if an Good app comes across or I get GV :rolleyes:

    Thank you anyway guys! :p
  11. CnA

    CnA Member

    I'm looking for a phone recorder app also. Google voice recording won't cut it cause I want to be able to record my outgong calls, not just incoming from Google voice.
  12. PittCaleb

    PittCaleb Well-Known Member

    if you are a google voice customer, you can configure all outgoing calls to go through google voice if you want. people dial me inbound on my GV number, so dialing out with GV is great for me.

  13. anavrin0901

    anavrin0901 Member

    So besides Google voice there is no other app that can record calls?

    What about livo pro recorder on speakerphone?
  14. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    I am an app downloading/installing/testing FREAK. I have searched high & low, and I haven't been able to find an app on the market yet that can record a call. This is the only feature that I feel is "missing" on my DROID. :eek:
  15. Lomallin

    Lomallin Well-Known Member

    The last I heard was that GoogleVoice only lets you record incoming calls.
    I have yet to succeed on getting the outgoing to work (if I am missing some stupid tiny bit, is it just that I have to start the calls with Google Voice to use the "4" to record?).

    In regards to recording calls, I have used one or two apps (one being vrecorder) where when I set it to record the call, it states that this function has been disabled by the phone itself. I cannot find the information before, but I ran across a post about that the Droid will not let you record calls.

    I have no idea why, but I think we need a firmware/update fix first before we worry about an application to record the calls without Google Voice.
  16. richardawood

    richardawood New Member

    Bump Bump

    I have searched high and low & cannot figure out how to record. Would rooting the droid allow access to recording phone conversations?
  17. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    Sorry, but no. Rooting does not give you this capability. Currently, Google Voice is the only solution.
  18. Britney

    Britney Well-Known Member

    Make or take the call you want to record on blue tooth (car) or on speaker and get a portable voice recorder.
  19. Shadowtech

    Shadowtech Well-Known Member

    It is kinda lame that there is no real option (aside from GV) to record calls in progress, even my old LG dumbphone had this feature. It comes in real handy when you're calling a business and want to end service or make changes, then you both have a copy of the conversation for proof. Just make sure you tell them up front so everything is legal.. blah blah
  20. Psychokitty

    Psychokitty Well-Known Member

    All someone really needs to do is take a quality recording app and hack it so it includes the speaker. Then you could include recordings in your recordings. Joe would have a tiny mixing studio in his hand!
  21. Lomallin

    Lomallin Well-Known Member

    I installed vRecorder on my Droid, and when I ask it to record a call, it states "This application is Android 2.0 compatible but the Droid artifically disables incall recording".

    Makes me think there is a firmware or other switch specifically in the Droid itself that is causing this problem.
    I would love to know if anyone finds the fix...especially if it does not involve rooting as I just do not have the time to make sure it is done correctly and thoroughly currently :p
  22. CRPercodani

    CRPercodani OFWGKTA VIP Member

    I would imagine it is disabled because it is illegal to record the call unless the other party consents and the great majority of people who use this WON"T be asking for consent before recording a convo. It is a serious charge to do this, my old boss almost got sent to prison for doing it about a year ago.
  23. JackT

    JackT Well-Known Member

    I believe that the laws on recording phone calls vary by state. I used to work for the state of Iowa and our legal department explained it that in Iowa, you could record a call as long as one party consents to being recorded.

    Here is something I found on it.
    The U.S. federal law allows recording of phone calls and other electronic communications with the consent of at least one party to the call. A majority of the states and territories have adopted wiretapping statutes based on the federal law, although most have also extended the law to cover in-person conversations. 38 states and the D.C. permit recording telephone conversations to which they are a party without informing the other parties that they are doing so.
    12 states require, under most circumstances, the consent of all parties to a conversation. Those jurisdictions are California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington.
    It is illegal under all jurisdictions to record calls in which one is not a party.
  24. kg6epf

    kg6epf Well-Known Member

    While laws do vary from state to state, in most areas there are exceptions. For example, if you have a Restraining Order against someone, then you can record any and all violations of that order without notifing the caller (check your local laws). Victims of domestic violence use these recordings to prove harassment and threats.

    Disabling the recorder because it might be used unlawfully is just sad. The GPS, the camera, and the phone itself could all be used in illegal ways.

    I would just like to have recording capabilities to be able to take "notes" at times when I can't write it down. Having the app announce that recording has started/stopped covers the legality.
  25. itsluy

    itsluy Member

    There's an app called PowerCall by mgeek that would've been perfect for this.

    Problem is it was removed from the market and I can't seem to find any info on it from a trusted source.

    I don't care so much about recording the call, I just want to take notes that can be associated with the caller.

    Speech to text covers the hands free part

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