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    Apr 6, 2011
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    How do I do a backup of my phones contacts? I dont mean backing them up to my Mem card...can I use a free Motoblur or similar Server on the web to back to in case my phone gets lost or formatted by accident?

    Lastly I dont seem to be able to backup much media to my Mem Card, what might the errors be stopping this? I have lots of folder to store data in but they are all a 16GB Mem card high spec, would like to try storing some media?

    Very lastly Im unable to view PDF files? Ive downloaded a free pdf reader but files are tiny and no magnify available, any recommendations on a good Free PDF viewer? The message I get is via Quickoffice ' Not currently supported, Check for upgrades and that means buying the software....theres gotta be a free way around this?

    All good advice welcome,



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