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  1. Dakrish

    Dakrish Member

    We're having the strangest issue with my hubbies phone. My number is in his name, and was once upon a time connected to his Facebook profile. So was his old number, but they've both been deleted from Facebook now. However, they remain linked in a non-contact on the phone. What I mean by non-contact is that the contact doesn't have a name, it isn't possible to edit it (apart from changing primary numbers), I can't delete it, it's not connected to anything that gives him contacts (such as his twitter, Facebook, my twitter and my email contacts, and so on) and it has his Facebook profile picture.

    I've managed to make him see my picture when I call him (not my Facebook one, I don't have Facebook), but if he clicks my text message and chooses to see contact details, then he gets the joint non-contact profile.

    I want that profile gone. I want his old number gone and mine unlinked. What do we do?

    We've just installed ICS.

  2. zharrt

    zharrt Member

    Could it be syncing from your gmail contact list?
  3. Dakrish

    Dakrish Member

    Nope, turned all syncing off.
  4. Dakrish

    Dakrish Member

    Double checked. I turned syncing on and unclicked everything with contacts. Problem remains.
  5. Dakrish

    Dakrish Member

    Found possible root of issue. When I go into Phone > Groups > Frequent > the non-contact will appear as "My Profile" (which it isn't), and when I click and hold, I can pick "edit profile", but attempting that makes People crash... :confused:
  6. Dakrish

    Dakrish Member

    Still don't know how to solve this. Help?

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