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  1. wr1ghty

    wr1ghty Member

    Hi, I have a desire HD and my girlfriend has just got the Galaxy S, on my HTC it has synced all/most of my phone contacts to my facebook account so that my contacts in my phone have there profile pictures next to them.

    When we sync facebook contacts with the galaxy s it Puts all of her facebook friends into her phone contacts, she only wants the profile pictures to appear for the friends she already has in her phone not all of her facebook friends too like my HTC, anyone know how to do this on the galaxy or even if its possible?


  2. razmataz

    razmataz Active Member

    Contacts > Menu > More > Display Options - Check "Display contacts with phones"

    Hope this is what you were looking for.
  3. barzakh

    barzakh New Member

    bro the main problem still exists .. there are two issues that i am facing too

    a) after sync with facebook .. not ALL contacts get their photos attached.

    b)the contacts of facebook are added as a separate entry to the same phonebook .. making duplicates and a mess in the book ..
    isn't there a way to merge fb contacts with phone contacts and clean up the mess?

    c) not all contacts on fb has a number listed .. that's why i just want sync to download their profile id and photo from fb and merge it with the number i have
  4. croftyboy8

    croftyboy8 Well-Known Member

    Bring up the contact that you already have in your phone.
    Click to edit
    Click join contact
    Search the list of contacts to find the corresponding facebook contact.
    The contacts will merge and show up only once in your list.
    You can choose to mark which number or picture to use as default

    Hope this helps
  5. Beth84

    Beth84 New Member

    The only way i know of doing it, is to do as you already have and sync your facebook contacts to your phone contacts. Link them with your phone contacts and then delete the facebook contacts you dont want to view. It will be a pain if you have lots of facebook friends but not many phone contacts but deleting one facebook contact does not automatically delete them all.
    Hope this helps.
  6. shawnshack

    shawnshack Active Member

    I had some issues too. for the contacts not getting pics I had to click the contact and then view their profile. That worked for me.

    In the menu for contacts click display options and unclick the facebook contacts. The ones that have been linked will stay, the others will go away.
  7. misshrt69

    misshrt69 New Member

    how do i sync my fb contacts to only contacts i have in my phone

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