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  1. drbunda

    drbunda Well-Known Member

    How come new contacts created on the phone are not showing up in my Gmail account online? Is there a way to keep everything synching in both directions?

    Most of my contacts are in Outlook, but I'm trying to use Gmail to keep things simple.

  2. Himmad

    Himmad Member

    I believe they are synced automatically but at certain intervals.

    But try this:
    Contacts> Menu>Accounts>Google> Uncheck Sync Contacts and recheck it so that the sync time stamp resets and it syncs at that moment.
  3. Himmad

    Himmad Member

    I did some trial and error.

    I got a text message from a number not saved in my contacts. I hit save and asked me whether I wanted to update or create a new contact.

    When I updated the contact linking it to his facebook profile, it would not create a google contact like it should. So I had to manually create a new contact and then link them to have a google contact which in turns syncs with computer.
  4. drbunda

    drbunda Well-Known Member

    So the hundreds of "phone" contacts that I have from my previous phone, how will those ever get synched to gmail? I have to manually convert them to google contacts one by one so that it syncs?

    Also, i have two gmail contacts, one I use just for family and the other for work. I don't want all of my phone contacts going to my family account. Is there a way to designate that?

    Oh boy...what about when I change something in Outlook? I'm wondering at this point if I should just try to figure out a method by which to sync Outlook (companionlink or something). Didn't want to have to pay the riduclous amount that CompanionLink charges!
  5. jayford00

    jayford00 Active Member

    is there a way to check to see where the contacts are stored? I have all of my contacts synced through gmail but when I go into handcent to send a text I have to use an old text to send the text rather than typing a name into "to" like I used to do with my Moment.
  6. duratime

    duratime Well-Known Member

    Use Gsyncit ($15 one time fee) it will sync Google contacts and calendar with outlook. I've been using it for about a year now. If you go to the contacts app>menu>display options, you can choose what is synced. I put everything in "my contacts". If you go to cantact app>menu>accounts you can de-select the account that you don't want to share contacts with and select only calendar and/or mail.

  7. duratime

    duratime Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure how to do it on the phone, but just go into contacts on Gmail, you can see and/or change it there. Also make sure that the number is stored as a mobile number, I'm not using Handcent any more, but I remember there was an option to only display contacts with a mobile number.
  8. gme109

    gme109 Well-Known Member

    If you want it to happen automatically, then you'll need to go to Setting>Accounts & sync, and turn on background data and check auto-sync. Or you could just do it manually by clicking on manage accounts when you're in accounts & sync.
  9. jayford00

    jayford00 Active Member

    I've got all of my numbers. I went back into handcent to play around with it a little bit and for some reason it's only a couple of numbers that don't show up when I type in a name. Not too big a deal since I have the numbers I need the most memorized haha

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