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  1. bjp859

    bjp859 Member

    Hi guys, Ive been searching for quite some time for this have done several searches and read a lil on here, cant seem to find what I am looking for, or please excuse my ignorance if you would.

    I already manually went in and saved my contacts from my phone to my gmail account manually through i could not figure out for the life of me how to just sync them up so that my phone contacts would go into my gmail contacts, was quite annoying. I am having a small problem with my phone which is why I am doing this, but i have them fixed just wondering how do I do this? i tried the HTC sync and then tried to upload the contacts to my account but that wouldnt work.

    How do I go about doing this, when i press menu>settings>Accounts & Sync> Google i can sync my contacts i update through and it works fine, just cant figure out how to make the contacts go from phone contacts to contacts. thanks in advanced, I have an HTC EVO

  2. Bnice

    Bnice Guest

    Go to more actions on Gmail and you should see an import/export option.
  3. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    If I understand correctly the contacts were saved in the phone as "phone" contacts

    The ONLY way to make these gmail contacts is to open people, menu, import export and export the PHONE contacts to the sd card. Then connect to a computer, open gmail on that computer, and import those contacts. YOU CAN NOT DO THE ABOVE from the phone at all. HUGE glitch IMO

    after doing that go to menu.settings.accounts and sync, google and sync gmail contacts. You will have duplicates I contacts and phone contacts.

    go to menu.settings.view and uncheck phone

    if I misunderstood what you are trying to do then please do provide me with more details
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  4. irishgator

    irishgator Active Member

    Good directions on how to deal with the issue. Very annoying problem! I like the idea of the central contacts, but don't like the details of how they are handled.
  5. KeyperOS

    KeyperOS Member

    That's how I ended up doing it myself. After the next gmail sync I got about 36 offers to link phone contacts to gmail account (the rest were done automatically for some reason). No duplicates but every contact now has the phone's data as well as Google's data which are of course duplicates. Is the only way to NOT have duplicates to only load contacts directly from gmail?
  6. dabasap

    dabasap New Member

    I just did this from another post and it works!!! Is awesome. Just remember when you add new contacts on the phone select the google contact type

    First, press menu and go to "settings" - click on "Accounts & snyc" - uncheck "background sync" - now use your back key to get back to the screen where you saw "Accounts & snyc" and then click on "Applications"

    "Manage Applications" - "ALL" - "Contacts Storage" - open the "Contact Storage" and click "clear data" of "Contacts Storage"

    Get back to the first step above and recheck "background snyc"

    Then reload contacts from backup and select Google.
  7. KeyperOS

    KeyperOS Member

    That's one way to do it, however there's a big but with this. Google's Contacts are in more than a few ways inferior to the ones the HTC Desire has. First off, the contact's photos only allow a 96x96 resolution, for another, Google doesn't allow as much customization as the HTC, there are fewer labels for a phone number etc. I'm kinda thinking of going the other way, disable the gmail contacts entirely and only rely on regular backups...
  8. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    ?????It's an Evo?????? granted the pics may be the same but stil...He has an Evo, not a Desire

    not to mention his exact question was How to switch them from phone to Gmail...not hey how many ways can I do this lol.

    to answer your other question KeyperOS...yes, if you enter them twice , as google and as phone, you will in fact have duplicates...because you did it twice

    you go to and uncheck one of them so that they do not show in list
  9. KeyperOS

    KeyperOS Member

    I was redirected here from another thread and then assumed that the fact that the Desire HD is for all intendent purposes an EVO made for the rest of the world that everything would apply to either one.
    So far I haven't seen sth to suggest otherwise.

    In addition I don't remember suggesting to enter them twice.
    I said that doing so in the way described above had some drawbacks.
    I only entered this thread because I have the exact same question as the OP and still haven't found a satisfactory answer...
  10. shantytownbrown

    shantytownbrown Well-Known Member

    I had done this a while back and had a post about it somewhere...

    what i did was export one set to my sd card, then imported them as the other type of contact...

    then with the duplicates i went thru and used the "link" function to connect them together thereby eliminating the double listing.

    now, granted i only had about 20 contacts at the time, so it wasnt such a pain in the @$$ but, still it worked.

    now i just save all contacts a google contacts and back-up to the cloud once every few days
  11. Reddawg

    Reddawg Active Member

    "then imported them" Imported to where?

    "and used the "link" function" What link function?

    (Sorry for the basic questions. Still learning on this new phone, gmail and outlook contacts.)
  12. KeyperOS

    KeyperOS Member

    You can both export and import contacts to and from the sd card, like a local backup. You just press the menu "button" when in the "people" app (i.e your phone book). They are saved as .vcf files if memory serves me correctly. When importing them from the sd card the phone asks you if you want to import them as phone contacts or Google contacts. If you choose the later then those contacts get synced both-ways with your gmail account. Also, if the phone while syncing with your gmail account finds duplicates (the same contact both in the phone and the google contact list) it offers you to link the two into one contact. The only problem with that is that when editing one such contact you still get everything twice, you get the google contact details and you get the phone contact details. What's more, google doesn't have as many labels for the various phone numbers as the HTC so you might lose some (i.e. the work mobile number)...
  13. Drew5150

    Drew5150 Well-Known Member

    yep, phone contacts to sd card then sd card to google account from the people app. just did this yesterday to my wifes new evo.

    phone was 1 day old so we just did a factory reset after syncing.
  14. shantytownbrown

    shantytownbrown Well-Known Member

    Import/export is under "menu"

    just export, (and i think you can select all somewhere along the line) first , then go back in and import, it will ask you to choose a file to import...

    and "link" is that little symbol in the upper right hand corner of any given contact....y'a see that? touch it...see what it should if i remember correctly ask you to link it to another contact, then the symbol looks connected...i have not noticed any loss of categories by doing this

    hope this helps

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