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  1. W4LLY

    W4LLY Well-Known Member

    Could this be my problem? When you go to add a new contact, you have two options. Google Contact, or Phone contact. If you make a phone contact, does it not sync with your google contacts? Why would it have two options. Perhaps when I reset my phone this is why I lost a few numbers.

    Let me know if anyone else has seen this or knows what I'm talking about.

  2. JAS_21

    JAS_21 Well-Known Member

    That's probably what happened. If you set a new contact as "phone" it doesn't snyc. I figured this out before the leak, when i looked at my contacts on gmail and some were missing.
  3. kissfan_88

    kissfan_88 Active Member

    yeah if you save it google, it will activate sync (if 3g/wireless is on) and will sync it with your google account as long as you have said google account. I find saving only family and important numbers to google, where as coworkers and other random numbers i just save to the phone. its all up to the individual on what they want. keep your numbers on an google or let the phone hold their weight.
  4. Philosophre

    Philosophre Well-Known Member

    Since I don't e-mail my parents anything and see no point in having their e-mail address. I choose add to phone instead.
  5. W4LLY

    W4LLY Well-Known Member

    Ah, so it was a trap, I see.

    Is there a way to back up "Phone" contacts?
  6. TheBr0ken

    TheBr0ken Active Member

    People > Menu > Import/Export. Save to SD Card

    Whole phone contact/google contact thing is r3t@rded to me. Especially when i want to edit something. now i have to pick which one I want to update. and what if I have duplicates by accident (which I do) it does link them together, but the do I edit the first google or the second. Just doesnt make much sense to me

    Oh btw, dont have FB set to sync when you export or you will back up all your FB friends as contacts too. something else that doesnt seem smart
  7. gridbug

    gridbug Well-Known Member

    +1 BUMP ...been wondering about this as well. Seems awful muddled for what should be a streamlined process for a smartphone, yes?

  8. SuperStuff

    SuperStuff Well-Known Member

    I just use Google Contacts for everything. I hated having two different contact types and one not being backed up online.
  9. truelove79

    truelove79 Well-Known Member

    Yup, I just use google contacts for everything. That way everything is always backed up all the time. What's the point of having a phone contact?
  10. TheBr0ken

    TheBr0ken Active Member

    so what bout us that have phone contacts and google contacts? Lets say I want all of them on google. how do I change it from phone to google? And then I also better make sure my outlook is not syncing too. cause then I will have outlook contacts that i update and are not being synced to google and if I edit a google contact it wont show up on Outlook. just doesnt seem "streamlined" why cant there just be a contact list that is shared between all 3 and they all sync to the phone?? On my BB I could edit a contact on my phone and it would get synced with google and outlook. if i edited something on outlook it would get synced with my phone then my phone would sync to google. doesnt seem to difficult to me.
  11. NightsSatin

    NightsSatin Active Member

    So I am having an issue.. I went to Add a new contact and where it says to choose "phone contact" or "google contact" The "google contact" is gone.. I want to save all my contacts as google contacts.. But what happened to that option and how do i get it back?

    I am still running the 1.5OS
  12. hlaalu

    hlaalu Well-Known Member

    made this mistake when I first got my mine, what a pain in the ass. i don't know why they did this.
  13. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    I'm on 1.5 as well. I ran into that rather frustrating aspect of syncing, so I had to go in and delete all "phone" contacts and then re-enter them as if they were new contacts. The "google" choice was there for each one then.
  14. NightsSatin

    NightsSatin Active Member

    So i deleted all my contacts off my phone.. and Even now.. when i go to add new contact.. it only gives me the option of adding a phone contact. There is no google contact option...
  15. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Following deletion of the contacts, did you shut down and restart the device? That is what I did, assuming it is always a good thing to do once any change is made.

    Incidentally, I first tested the method by deleting one "phone" contact and rebooting to see if the "google" choice reappeared for that contact when re-entered, and it did, so I went ahead and manually updated my list of contacts (wrote them down) and deleted them all.
  16. Yosef

    Yosef Well-Known Member

    When I go to People>Menu, I don't see Import/Export - Save to SD Card. How do I get to this menu (OS1.5). Thanks
  17. NightsSatin

    NightsSatin Active Member

    I didn't reboot. Maybe that would have worked... Creating a new google contact was never an option in that drop down list.

    I found on another forum a fix, which worked.

    Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Google Apps > Clear Data. (basically this logs you our of Google)


    Settings > Data Synchronization > Google and signed back into Google.

    Now the option to create a new contact as a google contact appeared.

    Apparently it was a google setting bug??? I don't know.. but it worked..
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  18. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Yeah, somebody else was having the same problem reported in another thread. I remember telling them to go into the app manager and clear data, then start over. Sorry I forgot to mention that in my post up there about re-doing the contacts; could have saved you some time.
  19. Yosef

    Yosef Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to change a Phone Contact to a Google Contact without deleting contacts and reentering them? Or is there an app that will do this? :confused:
  20. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Perhaps an app master will come up with this.

    Or a hack master.

    (hearing rooter's footsteps closing in)
  21. andrizoid

    andrizoid Well-Known Member

    if you have lookout, which is a good thing to do-locates phone via gps if lost, turns on a siren if you cant find your phone around the house, scans all apps looking for malicious content, back ups call history, pictures, and backs up contacts, you can back up your contacts to it and then restore then at any time. this works for google and phone contacts
  22. cableguynoe

    cableguynoe Well-Known Member

    I did not add a single contact on my Eris. I did them all manually but on my computer on Gmail contacts. Within 3 minutes i went to my phone contacts and they were all there.
    Much easier to do it on a computer..
  23. jamadza

    jamadza Active Member

    I play a little with import/export options and I found out how to import google contacts to phone contacts... :)

    Download e.g Astro File manager. Export Google contacts to SD card (will create "something_google_00001.vcf" on SD card). Rename that file to: pcsc_pcsc_00001.vcf. Go to People, and import phone contacts from SD card. Done

    If pcsc_pcsc_00001.vcf format does not work, check what format is used when Exporting Phone Contacts to SD. It was pcsc_pcsc_00001.vcf in my HTC Desire.

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  24. dg370

    dg370 Active Member

  25. Apache

    Apache Well-Known Member

    I use Google Contacts whenever I add any new contact on my device -- is there any way to default this action?

    Next question: One of my FB friends just texted me, I can open the contact -- how can I "import" that to make it a Google contact? I am having a heckuva time with it - ???

    thanks a lot

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