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  1. kersey

    kersey Well-Known Member

    Silly me decided to do a hard reset of my phone assuming that the contacts it uses were from my sim as I never physically copied them across to the X10.

    Seems they are not, meaning any new ones I created (thinking they were saved on my sim) are gone :(.

    Just wondering what you guys use to store or manage your contacts on. Is there an app or setting on the X10 to save new contacts to the sim instead of the phone by default.

  2. huntleth

    huntleth Well-Known Member

    SIM cards can't hold many contacts, hence the default save. Just back them up to your SIM or SD card though Phonebook -> Menu -> More -> Backup, much better than using an App in my opinion :)
  3. Dunc-x10

    Dunc-x10 Well-Known Member

    I back mine up thou the Sony pc suite every week or so always have, not much good for you now but might want to think of using it in the future m8 :)
  4. kersey

    kersey Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replies...a lesson learnt for me.

    Will get into the habit of backing them up from now on to my SD card :p
  5. wooks63

    wooks63 Well-Known Member

    I just keep mine syncronized with my GMail account. It even remembers the photos for each contact.

    Once set up, it does it all automatically.
  6. powerkiter

    powerkiter Well-Known Member

    As wooks said just set your phone to sync with either google or Sony's servers and you can chose when it does it from every day to 1 week, set and forget.
  7. kersey

    kersey Well-Known Member

    Am having a bit of trouble syncing with my gmail account. I've got over 100 contacts I want to save but each time I try it syncs for over 15 mins and freezes and only 36 contacts appear in my gmail account.

    Any help on what boxes I need to tick etc would be appreciated.
  8. powerkiter

    powerkiter Well-Known Member

    Try Sony Ericssons sync system I have over 200 contacts including work and social and it takes around 20 seconds to sync and then you can open Sonys PC Companion and there are all your contacts ect.

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