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  1. compakia

    compakia Member

    I used GT-P6200 almost a month. During that, I noticed that the small phone dialer windows that should pop up only when we touch the drawer icon, suddenly pop up by itself.. why was that? It's often to happens and annoying.

    I don't installed any task killer / manager apps that maybe indirectly kill the phone dialer task.

    Is there any issue on my firmware? or my hardware? any solution on that?

  2. sulasno

    sulasno Well-Known Member

    it is also happening on my tablet;

    it means that an application needs to use the dialer
  3. compakia

    compakia Member

    Is it? Any way to overcome this annoying thing?
  4. sulasno

    sulasno Well-Known Member

    settings - applications - manage applications

    you have to detect the culprit application

    launch by default and clear defaults
  5. akarshan123

    akarshan123 New Member

    I am using p6200 tab from last 9 months...and this has been a persistent problem...the dialer suddenly pops up and gets stuck on the screen...

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