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  1. gordonwd

    gordonwd Well-Known Member

    My only smartphone has been an HTC Desire, and I'm never sure what features of the phone are part of HTC Sense and which are native Android.

    When I go to make a phone call, I can start entering the person's number on the keypad, or can tap as though I'm spelling their name (e.g., 1 = ABC, etc.). As I do this, the phone matches the number/name with my contacts and lists the matches above the keypad. When I see who I'm looking for, I can just tap that entry and the call is made. This very easy and convenient.

    So does the Nitro work like this, or is this something that's HTC-specific?

  2. Bmxant

    Bmxant Well-Known Member

    When you start entering the zipcode, it will bring up a name, and a down arrow that you can click on to show you all the names that match that area code.

    Example being, if I type in 555-4 it will show me all the names that have their numbers starting with 555-4.
  3. gordonwd

    gordonwd Well-Known Member

    Similar, then, but on my HTC it will also match up names based on the letters on the keys I pressed. For instance, if I enter 764, it would bring up anyone with "smi" in their name such as "John Smith".
  4. stemalo

    stemalo New Member

    Yes it does work like you want. I just tested it with my name.

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