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Phone does not play sound when new email arrivesSupport

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  1. Rscalover

    Rscalover New Member


    I have a Samsung Galaxy S Advance it comes with Android 2.3.6 (Gingerbread) and the notification sound on new email was working

    Recently i upgraded to Android 4.1.2(JellyBean).I did not receive any error messages but my phone no longer plays the email notification sound.My phone is working fine on 4.1.2 it's just a bit annoying having to manually open the emailapp to see if there's anything new.I discoverd jellybean disables autosync by default could that be the problem :shakehands:

  2. nieltab

    nieltab Well-Known Member

    If all emails still come in without you checking your inbox, then auto sync isn't the problem.

    I read that there are a few bugs in the russian jelly bean, which they will fix in the releases in other countries. Maybe this is one of the bugs?

    I'm not familiar with jelly bean, so it could just be some setting that you'll have to change.

    Is your sound turned on? and isn't there anything you can change in the email app settings?
  3. Rscalover

    Rscalover New Member

    Sound is on as other sounds play just fine.You have to set the tone to play in the email app settings i did but it doesn't play the sound.Probably you're right and this is a bug if it is verry annoying.
  4. Rscalover

    Rscalover New Member


    Problem solved that sound is working fine now.I turned on autosync and it started to work verry strange thank you nieltab for the help.
  5. Rscalover

    Rscalover New Member

    it stopped working again pfff man this is annoying :mad:

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