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  1. AndroidAnimal

    AndroidAnimal New Member

    I've recently picked up the Apollo and have noticed a problem with more than 75% of incoming calls going straight to voicemail, and often calls to and from the phone appear as long distance. (I believe these are related)

    I've done a fair amount of testing and research on the problem and I've had long conversations with my providers tech support. I am certain it's not a network issue. Also I have discovered that if I remove the SD card from the phone the problem goes away, but I don't like this solution due to the minuscule internal memory of the phone.

    I guess I'm hoping someone here has some insight into this problem and can suggest a solution or work around.


  2. applemac36

    applemac36 New Member

    have u tried any other sd card ?
  3. AndroidAnimal

    AndroidAnimal New Member

    Yes, and the problem persisted.

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