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  1. dan44762000

    dan44762000 Well-Known Member

    just got message similar to that when i installed kies and tried to upgrade firmware .


  2. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    See #1.4 of 18 Galaxy S4 models - know yours? for reasons why you may be receiving this message.

    There is an update for CSC code, BTU, from MEA to Android 4.3, MJ7, firmware...

    As recommended in the above, you can take it to a Samsung Service Point to be updated or, for competent users, you can follow the instructions and link in #1.5 to flash your own firmware, linked above, using the PC suite, Odin 3.09.
  3. dan44762000

    dan44762000 Well-Known Member

    i have flashed new roms before , however do i need to update the "CSC" before flashing or can i just flash the new updated rom .

    i am uk - unlocked - so was getting this rom -

    Samsung Updates Latest Firmware - LIVE!

    my details

    AP : i9505xxubmea
    CP : i9505zzubmea
    CSC : i9505oxabmea

    please link to correct firmware for odin if one above is wrong .
  4. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    That, Samsung stock, "firmware", MK8, Android 4.3 is the correct one for UK, unbranded, phones but will lock your bootloader and give you a Knox flag, as detailed in... Knox Security & locked bootloader on new firmwares
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  5. dan44762000

    dan44762000 Well-Known Member

    and is this a bad thing ?

    i dont care about rooting my phone , just want to be able too update too latest firmware now and in future .

    thanks dan
  6. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    That's for you to decide. I just provide you with the relevant information.

    Judging from your screenshot in post #1 and your firmware details in post #3, the phone has been flashed, at some stage, with a different CSC codes firmware which accounts for you being unable to update via Kies or OTA. See #1.4 of 18 Galaxy S4 models - know yours? for more information on this and #1.5 for your options.

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