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  1. Hello, me again!

    All of a sudden everytime I open certain apps (BBC iPlayer, sky sports news etc) my phone decides to download all the pictures from that app & store them in my photo album ?!?!

    Any ideas on how to make this stop please?

  2. hotkoko

    hotkoko Well-Known Member

    Just one of the many glitches that come with android.. that happens to me from time to time... Just another glitch just like why is it that all of a sudden there are doubles in Ur phone book?
  3. mruno

    mruno Well-Known Member

    It sounds like the .nomedia files have been deleted. Did you use any cleaning apps recently? .nomedia makes the gallery ignore pics and videos from within the directory the the .nomedia file is located.
    You may want to try to readd the .nomedia files with this app:
    EDIT: You can also try this method, but it is alot more work:
    good luck.

    You may have multiple accounts with the same contacts. This can occur with Facebook, multiple google accounts, Outlook, Sim card, etc. To fix this, just open the People (Contacts) app and select Phonebook in the upper left corner. Deselect the accounts the accounts you don't need.
  4. hotkoko

    hotkoko Well-Known Member

    I'm one step ahead of u .. Been there done that.. Once in a while I'll go through my contacts and there are doubles in there and also names and numbers of ppl I don't even know.. I'll delete and all is good for a while then BAM! same thing all over again sometime... Everyone knows that android is filled with silly glitches. Been going on for yrs with me, my friends ppl I talk to all say the same thing
  5. mruno

    mruno Well-Known Member

  6. Yatezy

    Yatezy Well-Known Member

    For the duplicate contacts, when in your contacts list, the word Phonebook in the top left is a drop down box. In that it'll let you select which services show your contacts so if you have multiple email accounts or even other apps all selected they'll all show up :thumb:

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