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  1. Adrift

    Adrift Well-Known Member

    Can you comment on whether or not you had previously turned on airplane mode?

  2. jtruland

    jtruland Member

    Unfortunately, I really don't remember if I had ever used it prior. I'm pretty sure the only reason I've used it on this phone is to troubleshoot this issue though.
  3. sweetredhead

    sweetredhead Member

    Nope, it is in a fairly strong case and just sitting ther nothing touching the power button. One thing is that I had it happen while it was charging sitting open and I saw it happen with the x on the bars I wasn't touching it at all. When it has happened I've pushed the power button to see that menu and tried toggling on and off the airplane mode & nothin, went to settings and the airplane mode shows to be off but still x on the signal bars. I have never turned on airplane mode on my 2nd phone...again, afraid to jinx it and it still ended up happening.
  4. Adrift

    Adrift Well-Known Member

    Well... this is just odd...

    It's hard to wrap my mind around this. The majority have never had this problem, yet two individuals have the same, seemingly rare, problem twice on different handsets...

    Do you folks all live in a relatively close area/state? possibly you folks got a bad batch of phones?
  5. sweetredhead

    sweetredhead Member

    Just on this forum in under 30 days there has been about 11 people say it happened to them and this is just one forum and the phone has only been out since the 1st of Nov. Now when this problem first happened to me I searched for the issue online & found the Sprint site had the same issues reported. I haven't posted there and have only been following this post so I don't know if that forum has grown with complaints. The other thing is I like to try to solve problems & find solutions on my own, not a lot of people are like that they may have this same problem & simply take it back in to the retailer. The other thought is people may have it happen once, reboot and it is solved like so far has happened with my 2nd phone. Also, from looking at it others have replaced the Moment with a Hero can't tell if the problem would show up again on another phone of theirs.
    Also, I got my 2nd phone from a different Best Buy than I got the first Moment. I'm from MN if anyone cares to say what state they are from.
  6. Adrift

    Adrift Well-Known Member

    It's possible its not rare, but if that were the case then this thread would have blown up faster and had more users reporting the problem, as in the battery quirk thread. With the battery problem there were 258 posts about the problem within a week of the thread start. With that problem we have confirmed reports of users switching to various other phone because of the problem.

    The Airplane mode problem is more serious than the battery problem, as it renders the phone nearly useless. If this were more common this would cause an immediate and noticable ammount of users complaining about the problem, and we would have a much larger population of users reporting.

    I am not trying to say that you are wrong, I am however being subjective and calling upon my own observations on this matter.

    *edit* just to calrify there have only been 56 posts in 2weeks and 5 days on the problem of random airplane mode. Including my own and other users who have not had the problem.
  7. sweetredhead

    sweetredhead Member

    Let me clarify, I too have the well known battery issue that at this point we know is a given with the phone. The airplaine mode is random it doesn't happen all the time and to everyone at least yet, a very new phone so who knows. My first phone was fine for 1 week the 2nd for 2 weeks and different in how they were solved. First 1 was extremely frustrating haing to remove the battery each time 2nd one was not a big enough deal because you turn it on and off. If others are solving it with that they might think it is a fluke and not post it as a problem. Bottom line, since it is random when it hits give it time before deciding it is so rare on these phones.
  8. thorasaurus

    thorasaurus Member

    I think the issue is more widespread than originally thought. I have also had it happen a couple times in the three days I've had the phone. I haven't had the Wifi widget and only turned my Wifi off and on once since having it. It's been off for a day and still went into airplane mode last night. So far turning off and back on has fixed it, but one poster at a different site said it's likely hardware related. I seriously hope not, and honestly I find that hard to believe.
  9. thorasaurus

    thorasaurus Member

    I found this when looking at general Wifi/Airplane mode errors on Android; I'll try it if the phone randomly goes to airplane mode again... It beats rebooting or pulling the battery.

  10. llRELLll

    llRELLll Member

    Well Im going on about 4days now with the hard reset. I have yet to turn my wifi on or mess with the airplane mode like before when I first got the phone, and so far so good no issues with it randomly turning on yet.
  11. sweetredhead

    sweetredhead Member

    It happened yesterday but different this time the symbol showed an airplane before always the x. I was able to solve it by using the power menu and toggling off airplane mode the airplane disappeared and for a sec the x showed then it was fine. Now before anyone thinks that I accidently set it into that mode, I had it in it's case in my jacket hanging up, no where near it and wasn't bumped, sat on, or touched in anyway. At least this time easy to solve but not happy having my phone off for 5 hours on thanksgiving. A lot of missed calls
  12. MrGadget256

    MrGadget256 Well-Known Member

    I've only had it happen once. Had the phone two weeks and got it from Best Buy when they started the $99 promotion. Turning the phone on and off fixed my issue, but I'd be getting frustrated if it happened more than once. It did occur after I installed a Wi-fi widget, but I've used it since with no issues. Otherwise I still love this phone.
  13. Ouija

    Ouija Member

    I've had it for about three weeks now - just started happening to me yesterday, only new app I have is bloo - power cycling doesn't work, I have to remove battery, has happened 2wice since yesterday - really sucks
  14. griffen97023

    griffen97023 Member

    My momements are both doing it at night at some point. We put them on the night stand to charge and every morning have to reset them. I hope it gets fixed soon wife keeps yelling at me about it.:eek:
  15. flu13

    flu13 Well-Known Member

    I've had my phone since November 22nd, and I've had this happen a handful of times. Some of those times, I've had the phone on the charger overnight, and in the morning, it's in airplane mode. I do have the Battery Widget installed, which has a wi-fi toggle. I have it connected to the wi-fi in my house. I have gps turned off. I do allow it to determine location via cell towers.

    Every time I've had this occur, I've just turned the phone off and back on and it's been fine. If it becomes more common, I might try uninstalling the Battery Widget to see if it helps. I'm also going to install the aforementioned logging app so that if it does happen, I can gather the logs.
  16. agent0014

    agent0014 Well-Known Member

    Just to add my story to the mix... the very first day I got the phone (one week ago today), I turned on wifi as soon as I got home to test it out. It appeared to enter airplane mode a few hours later, even though the box wasn't checked, and I had to reset the phone. However, it hasn't happened since, and I've been using wifi the last two days almost exclusively... So I'm not sure what happened that first time.
  17. griffen97023

    griffen97023 Member

    that problem stopped my gps things im allways in a diffrent country though. I even had been charged by sprint for 24 international text messages that it turns out the wireless network thought i was in a diffrent country when i sent them out to peaple. they did credit my account for me so watch your online ussage
  18. MrGadget256

    MrGadget256 Well-Known Member

    Definitely something to watch out for. I haven't had any more problems since my initial issue. I have noticed that when I'm inside, my GPS defaults to England. Hoping the update (whenever it gets sent out :rolleyes:, will fix this) My Sprint account only shows normal texting.
  19. indiana jones

    indiana jones Well-Known Member

    i performed a hard reset and since then ive not used the gps or the wifi which i was using before. its been 2 weeks and random airplane mode has not happened once. one thing that i find worth noting is that before the hard reset i would have my wifi on always. when i would use the browser(default android) on the sprint network sometimes it would hang. it would even lose all bars and go into airplane mode while i was trying to load the page. now i use dolphin browser and i have not turned on wifi or gps and the problem has not returned.

    anyones had a similar experience? i think this has to do with wifi or browser or both. not just the widget but the actual functionality.
    ill keep you guys updated
  20. edp

    edp Well-Known Member

    i've had the same problem with me losing all signal when i use the default browser. but this seems to only happen to me in areas where the 3g signal is not so strong. using dolphin browser does seem to help
  21. adicken1

    adicken1 Active Member

    Happened to me today for the first time. I do have a wifi widget, although rarely used. I have never put my phone in airplane mode. In WA.
  22. angelluis73

    angelluis73 Member

    :( It seems that this is common, I am being charged for six messages too.
  23. Sharon

    Sharon Member

    Add me to the list for the airplane mode. Got my phone on Tuesday, Dec. 1st, it happened the first time on Thursday. I powered the phone off and back on and it was fine afterwards. I thought it was something that I might have done, but then it happened again this afternoon. Came here to see if anyone else might have the same problem and I found this thread. So now it has me wondering if maybe it's more to it than something I may or may not have done at the time. This afternoon when it happened, I was trying to end a call, that would NOT end and when it finally did, I was in aiplane mode.

  24. edvan

    edvan Well-Known Member

    Good to know I'm not alone..

    I've been having this problem for almost a month. At first it happened about 3 days after I activated the phone on Nov 12th, called Sprint and they got it working again with a few restarts. Thought it was fine but then happened a few days later, restarted a few times myself and got it to work for a few days.

    While frustrating, I Kept doing this to get it to work. But this weekend no restarts have helped my phone get out of Airplane mode. Left the battery out, erased all data, widgets and whatnot but it's still stuck. Had to reactivate my old Instinct FTL.

    It's too bad because it's really a nice phone when working.

    Hope they come out with an update to fix these bugs.

    oh and battery life also sucked...I would take it off the charger and it would automatically drop to 80%
  25. PiggyGirl

    PiggyGirl Well-Known Member

    I've seen this twice this week, and I assumed it had something to do with wifi. I started keeping wifi on, but I was mainly suspicious because wifi works even though I can't call anyone. It just seems like if the phone messes up wifi should disconnect, too.

    I fix it by rebooting. If the widget is the cause, I'll have to suffer through it for a little while longer before I remove it, but I definitely hope it's a widget instead of actual malfunctioning since it seems too rare for a tech to easily reproduce.

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