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  1. PiggyGirl

    PiggyGirl Well-Known Member

    Also, I disabled the auto kill on my task manager. I should probably uninstall it entirely, because I think it caused some problems with my GPS (until I added it to the safe list), but I'm semi controlling. :)

  2. BenHoltz

    BenHoltz Well-Known Member

    I had a moment with the airplane mode bug. It was exchanged and sent to Samsung's development team to investigate the cause today... I'm positive that they are working very hard to track down this bug and squash it. Lets just hope they give us a fix as an early Christmas present! :D
  3. dth4310

    dth4310 Member

    Confirmed i've lost signal a few times ( prob ~7-8x since getting phone 11/3)...but i don't think it's actually "airplane mode" per se...its just as though the network shuts off.

    I'm assuming this is some sort of odd timeout command buried deep within the system and fixable via sfw update (i'm banking on before xmas).

    Slightly annoying, but I can't remember the last thing i've owned that didn't annoy me in some fashion.
  4. flu13

    flu13 Well-Known Member

    Since my phone completely shut down the other day, I've left wi-fi turned off and I haven't experienced another "airplane mode."
  5. indiana jones

    indiana jones Well-Known Member

    same here. not once. makes me think that its not the widget thats the problem but the actual wifi or wireless.
  6. Adrift

    Adrift Well-Known Member

    Can anyone else comment on this? I have never had the problem, and I have never enabled Wifi.

    Are there any users who have experienced this problem, that have not activated Wifi?
  7. MrGadget256

    MrGadget256 Well-Known Member

    Interesting, the only time it happened to me was when
    I was using Wi-fi the night before while I was waiting for the phone number to port over. I haven't used it since and have NOT had any problems.
  8. Cdaddy

    Cdaddy New Member

    My Moment (purchased at Best Buy) is also going into Airplane at least twice daily.

    Hope this gets fixed ASAP. Kinda sux to get a new phone only to have IT decide when it wants to work.
  9. itsall4tay

    itsall4tay Member

    I have read the thread and it always bothers me when people say, a problem is not widespread in a system. My wife's phone has done this three times since Black Friday. I take the time to try to find like minded people with similar problems so that we can find a solution and people respond only 50 people have this problem. That usually just means only 50 took time to respond. So now I can be added to the tally and maybe someone who knows something useful will respond to us. We have a short time to resolve these issues and if there is a defect in our purchase. We come here for help. If you have a contact at Sprint or Samsung let us know so we can get out before we are out!
  10. njbianco

    njbianco Well-Known Member

    Most peoples phones do not do this if i was you id goto best buy and get a replacement
  11. BenHoltz

    BenHoltz Well-Known Member

    I would personally advise you to bring this to attention via Samsung Mobile USA's Twitter account. They are very responsive and helpful. Samsung Mobile USA (SamsungMobileUS) on Twitter
  12. Adrift

    Adrift Well-Known Member

    Cdaddy, itsall4tay, njabianco

    Can any of you comment on whether or not you have enabled wifi on your phone? This would help greatly in determining what is actually causing the problem.

    To reiterate, it would seem the majority of users do not encounter this problem, however those who do, have it reoccur even on a new phone. This would logically lead one to determine it is possibly something that these users are doing in common that is causing this to happen.

    Myself, and other users, are trying to figure out what this common factor is.
  13. nyall

    nyall Active Member

    I wasn't going to reply but it seems like some people care how how many me-toos this thread gets.

    Anyways right before it happened to me the internet capabilities stopped working despite the EV-up/down arrow icon being present: the web browser and pandora couldn't connect. Pulling the battery successfully fixed this. Pandora is also now working.
  14. agent0014

    agent0014 Well-Known Member

    I had it happen again today after I was on wifi extensively. I don't use wifi daily, only when I'm at home using the phone for long periods of time. I can definitely say it seemed to happen around the same time I turned wifi back off. Had to reboot the phone.
  15. atccfi

    atccfi New Member

    I had this happen to me as well. A day after I bought it, it started doing it. Remember you have a buyer's remorse period. you paid good money for this phone and it should work as advertised. Do like I did and just take it back and get another one! If enough of these phones get sent back, I betcha they'll take a long hard look at this issue. it's not your job to troubleshoot the reason why the product they sold you does not work...
  16. wvdoc

    wvdoc Member

    I totally agree, this phone needs a firmware upgrade to address this issue!!! If it is just a batch of bad phones then the Batch is GROWING!!!! Unacceptable in todays tech era!!
  17. itsall4tay

    itsall4tay Member

    I had wifi on and had the wifi widget installed. I uninstalled any 3rd party software that attempts to control wifi and the problem seemed to stop. This phone is more like a computer and not like a phone OS. As such we will have to reinstall the OS from time to time. I came to this epiphany after 1 hour on the phone with an Advanced Sprint tech about the 9230 glitch. Remember just as with our pc's backup you data. At least until we get 2.0. Still love the phone. I think it is a software problem.
  18. rldev

    rldev Well-Known Member

    I am on my third Moment. This one has the dreaded airplane mode issue. I have hard reset the phone several times, but it comes out of nowhere. I'm afraid I'm done with the Moment. Simply too many critical problems IMHO. It also seems like Samsung is dragging their feet. I've been down that road before. I have very few problems with the rooted Hero. I will report to the Samsung Twitter.
  19. wvdoc

    wvdoc Member

    Do not blame you in the least. I turned mine in after the first phone. What took you until the 3rd phone before you gave up??
  20. kahale

    kahale Well-Known Member

    my first moment did this, now my second moment has this plus reboot after 5% warning while using wifi broswer or 3g or just doing anything data related. im probably going to reactivate my moto q9c again. longer battery life and more stable then this phone. its a shame cuz i love the hardware. put 2.0 and fix the bugs then ill go back to it. -_-
  21. rldev

    rldev Well-Known Member

    Well the first one was for me. I couldn't stand the laggy Hero. Yet I hated the size of the moment. I only had battery and streaming issues. So it was easy for me. Now with the Hero rooted and Fresh Rom, my lag has gone away.

    However, my wife demands a physical keyboard. She has been using a Moto Q9c for 2 years. So there really isn'y many options for her at this point, so I continue to try. The palm pre is built like crap. The palm pixi is a toy. I have no clue about the touch pro2. So it really doesn't leave many options for her. If I don't get this resolved I will have to put her back on the Q9c and wait for the next wave. I don't see too many keyboard sliders on the horizon though. And I have no clue what the Sprint roadmap looks like. Seems like Tmobile and Verizon are getting all the Snapdragons. Ugh.
  22. agent0014

    agent0014 Well-Known Member

    so here's a question... has EVERYONE who uses WiFi had the airplane mode thing happen to them at least once or twice? I'd try to get an exchange for mine if I thought it might help. I think my battery might be one of the worst ones out there too... so really thinking about getting to Best Buy and just asking if they can switch it out for me, seeing as I've only had it two weeks.
  23. Adrift

    Adrift Well-Known Member

    This is what I was attempting to figure out, however it seems noone wants to post yes or no on if they had enabled Wifi.

    From what I have read so far, it appears that this is indeed the case. There are a few users who haven't commented on whether or not they had enabled Wifi, so until they confirm or deny this we'll never know for sure.
  24. kahale

    kahale Well-Known Member

    ive had it happen while on 3g and on wifi while using the web each time. i also had it go into airplane mode when i wake it from sleep. sometimes both cdma and evdo seems to reset itself randomly while surfing the web on 3g and wifi. i seriously believe it has sometime to do with sprints cdma/evdo patch into 1.5 android. the whole phone seems unstable to me.
  25. Adrift

    Adrift Well-Known Member

    I would feel this way as well, if and only if, everyone was experiencing the problem.

    However, as you yourself have indicated, it only seems to happen to those users who enable Wifi.

    I have never experienced the problem, and my Moment seems stable as a rock in comparison to past phones. I have never enabled Wifi. I love this phone and the platform in general. It does, like all platforms, have it's bugs.

    So that is one more to the Wifi = Airplane Mode Bug.

    Anyone Else?

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