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Phone Enters Airplane Mode At Random!!!Support

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  1. flu13

    flu13 Well-Known Member

    I've already got a vote in for the wi-fi=airplane, but some further information...

    I'm still airplane free with wi-fi disabled, and I do have two different widgets that have the capability to enable/disable wi-fi. They are the Battery Widget and the WiFi On-Off widget.

  2. PiggyGirl

    PiggyGirl Well-Known Member

    Well, I had some wifi apps and widgets when mine went into airplane mode, twice, and I had to reboot. I finally removed them all the other day, but only because I was having problems staying connected to my wifi at home and none of them were helping.

    Now, I just keep wifi on all the time, in settings, but I've been experiencing low/no bars, until I try to make a call, even away from home, which may just be the area, but I don't recall having these connection problems when I had my Centro, less than a month ago, and it mainly seems to happen after I attempt to watch several videos (when away from home, using EVDO). At work and around town, I'm usually okay checking email and browsing the web, until I try to watch YouTube or SprintTV.

    I re-installed a wifi widget last night so I can turn wifi on/off when away from home because I noticed it kept trying to connect to wifi everywhere I went, and I wondered if that was why I was getting zero and 1-2 bars. I even had to reboot to make a call--it just sat there "dialing" for like 3-4 minutes. Seriously considered leaving Sprint entirely at that point, I was so frustrated.
  3. Adrift

    Adrift Well-Known Member

    So the case is building that enabling Wifi is the culprit...
  4. MrGadget256

    MrGadget256 Well-Known Member

    I would agree, I have not used Wifi since my problem, and have not had any airplane mode issues since. I use Quicksettings since I removed the wifi and bluetooth widgets. Hoping for a resolution in 1.6 or 2.0.
  5. agent0014

    agent0014 Well-Known Member

    I suspect part of the problem is that people who aren't having this happen to them might not be reading this thread closely. So those people who use WiFi and don't have the airplane mode issue (IF they exist) aren't really paying attention when we ask.

    Perhaps a new thread with a very explicit title is in order... and we could try to bump it for a few days to see if we get any positives? Something like "ATTENTION: do you use wifi? Please respond!"

    Adrift, I'll leave it to you if you want to start a separate thread to that point, being our guide and all :)
  6. Adrift

    Adrift Well-Known Member

  7. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    Add another to the list. Once again only happens when I mess with wifi
  8. ned23

    ned23 Well-Known Member

    I have Samsung Moment that has gotten itself stuck in airplane mode several times. I am not putting it into this mode.

    The only way to get it out of this situation seems to be to pull the battery out a couple of times and rebooting until it resets.

    (Edit: The last app I installed on the phone before the problem began was the Dolphin browser)
  9. ned23

    ned23 Well-Known Member

    I am having the same problem with my Moment. It got into airplane mode and I could not get it out without taking the battery out. I had to do it twice.
  10. ned23

    ned23 Well-Known Member

    oops, I saw the other thread after I posted this (it did not see it when I searched at first, sorry) You can delete this thread.
  11. ned23

    ned23 Well-Known Member

    I have not installed any widgets. I did download a GPS app and a free game demo and I noticed that the game demo keeps wanting to pull data when I'm in a roaming situation. Maybe I'll uninstall the game. Also installed a browser.
  12. ned23

    ned23 Well-Known Member

    I know that I have not deliberately enabled the wi-fi. Is it possible that a downloaded app is fiddling with the Wi-Fi?

    Looking back, the last app I installed before this started happening was the Dolphin browser.

    Does Dolphin toggle wi-fi?
  13. jeffW_old

    jeffW_old New Member

    My wife's Moment went into airplane mode yesterday. She has never used Wi-Fi and has not downloaded any applications. The phone is as virgin as when purchased. I don't think the phone is quite ready. We will see what happens.
  14. ned23

    ned23 Well-Known Member

    Just curious, was there anything else unusual about the day that comes to mind? Were you in a building with no signal or in a roaming area or anything liket that?
  15. ned23

    ned23 Well-Known Member

    Okay, When the "end call" button gets pressed, it pops up a little phone menu and one of the selections is "airplane mode." It could be a case where it's being butt-dialed to turn on airplane mode. This happens even when access to the home screen is locked.

    I guess That does not, however, explain why you cannot turn it off and must reboot the phone... or why it goes into a strange 'half-airplane' mode where you just have no signal
    and don't know until you go to make a call and it tells you to turn it off airplane mode that you're in it.

    Next idea..
  16. jeffW_old

    jeffW_old New Member

    No roaming. Had good signal. Inside a house. Cannot think of a reason for it. The obvious impact is not just outgoing calls, but the owner of the phone may not realize that there are people trying to call them.
  17. PiggyGirl

    PiggyGirl Well-Known Member

    This happened to me again yesterday after installing a weather widget. I noticed the GPS icon was on most of the day and even after rebooting I was having problems until I uninstalled every stupid widget, even the screen brightener & sound toggle. I'm done with widgets...except facebook and calwidget. :)
  18. bgg

    bgg New Member

    My husband got his phone a month ago and I got mine last week from Sprint and we are both having this problem.

    This is completely unacceptable. I have a son that has seizures & I need to get calls.
    Please let me know if anyone gets a fix.
  19. itsall4tay

    itsall4tay Member

    I had this problem with my wife's phone. I removed every widget or application that attempt to control wifi or your phones settings. You must allow the battery to completely drain twice. Otherwise your battery will not allow this fix from what I read. Although, my wife's battery has always been good(all day with moderate internet use). Allow Android to control them. I think that in an attempt to control power consumption the computer goes into airplane mode. As soon as I re install widget, Airplane mode problem starts immediately. If you want to use a new widgets install only one at a time and check for stability. NO problems since I employed this technique. We also keep wifi and GPS on all the time. Android 1.5 wants control of the device and it takes it. Great phone but you need pretty good computer skills.
  20. xsx304

    xsx304 Member

    Hello all, just like to introduce myself. Hi my name is josh.

    I work for radioshack, and decided to switch phone carrier to sprint/ resception seems fine. The momments i bought though are a big buggy. I got two same day, one for me, one for my pop. The phones seem to have the same problems or at least my 2 phones had the same problems within a few hours of it happening to my phone.

    problem one happened first night ifell asleep with it on the charger. woke up to check for messages, and it was just dead. had to remove battery for it to come back to life. when i woke up in the morning the same thing had happend to my fathers phone. problem two happened a few days later, my phone went into airplane mode, i didnt really notice it until a while later. when i got home i noticed my dads phone went into airplane mode. i installed alot of apps on my phone, where as my dad had no apps. i dont think the airplane mode is app dependant. think its just the phones, as for the batterys was it defected? within an hour of it being off the charger seems to me mine is down to 80% same with his and this is of just me wandering around the house no inet no calls nothing.

    thanks josh
  21. itsall4tay

    itsall4tay Member

    After removing non compatible wifi apps the phone has still not entered airplane mode. It has been weeks. There is a glitch with the battery monitor. Let the battery run all the way down twice. We are getting 1.5 days with light use on vacation now. And my wife left charger at home so we are sharing. At 15 % you have almost 1hr of heavy use. Until you cycle battery. Then it is pretty accurate.
  22. xsx304

    xsx304 Member

    Thanks! yea trying the cycling thing now, do you happen to have a list of non compatable wifi apps?
  23. itsall4tay

    itsall4tay Member

    It seems as though any widget that attempts to contol wifi or airplane mode. Further, you really don't need them Android does a good job managing connectivity. It is designed to turn off the components that are not in use. When wifi is stronger than G3, it connects to it. But, wifi does not seem to be any faster for surfing. If you need quick access seems like only Quick Settings has no effect on airplane mode. We keep everything on. When you install an app android tells you if it has global setting that contol wifi. I will state this again and I think it will help. Android is more like a computer system, you may have to do a hard reset or even reinstall the OS. Just try not to make the same mistake.
  24. wvdoc

    wvdoc Member

    Just give up already!!! The phone is a JOKE!!!!!! Do you really think people should still be having this problem??? I cannot believe that people pay money for this frustration. Just send the phone back and refund the money. I have a good laugh everytime I read this thread. JMHO!!
  25. itsall4tay

    itsall4tay Member

    No better picture, my wife likes pretty pictures on her phone. Best internet of any phone I have ever seen. It is the same as any Android phone. This includes the highly touted DROID. Will have same OS as DROID in 6 weeks. It handles my business and personal email better than my Blackberry Tour. You just need a pretty high tech IQ to really enjoy it. Some people actually enjoy solving problems. But like I said before I have had ZERO problems since I let Android do it's thing. So don't be negative. Once they figure it out I think people can have a lot of fun. So don't discourage. ENCOURAGE.

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