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Phone Enters Airplane Mode At Random!!!Support

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  1. shivers316

    shivers316 Godmember VIP Member

    Obviously there are some people that like this phone. Let's keep the comment constructive or please keep them to yourself.

  2. xsx304

    xsx304 Member

    to many posts on most threads to digg this up, but do you guys run into this? while the phone is charging it will randomly turn off, to the point where nothing is happening. i dont think the phone charges, its just off, need to remove from charger, pull battery off and turn it back on. ive had to do this 4-5 times in a row, ill leave the room for a few minutes come back, and the phone is back off, wont power on unless battery is pulled. this has also happened without the phone being charged.

    note i just drained it down til it powered off and wouldnt stay on. to do the battery life cycle to correct the battery problems.
  3. AnnaKuz

    AnnaKuz Active Member

    My phone went into Airplane mode too, all I did was deactivate it and then turned the phone off and then on again.
  4. wvdoc

    wvdoc Member

    Anna, I am sad to hear that this happened to you as well as thousands of other moment owners. The worst part is, the problem must not have a fix or Samsung would have a firmware upgrade by now. What would happen if this "airplane mode glitch" occured when you needed 911?? Maybe that would trigger a recall? I doubt it. IMO.
  5. fusionhbl

    fusionhbl New Member

    I am having issues with the random airplane mode happening. It happened a couple times in the past few days. For me, it seems to happen when my reception is low, as i live in the mountains. Anyone else notice this?
    I hope they can fix this, this phone is pretty neat.
  6. mchlwvr614

    mchlwvr614 New Member

    Mine was in airplane mode when I took it off charge this morning. All I need to do is power cycle, I have never needed to pull the battery. I have had this phone for a couple weeks and only happened one other time close to purchase. I do use wifi and have a wifi toggle widget.
  7. cammy

    cammy Member

    I have had the moment for almost 3 weeks now and at first the only issue was the battery of course but and a week and a half ago the airplane thing struck. Restart, battery removal, soft and hard resets are all hit or miss to fix it. Sprint customer care knows about the problme and so far all they can do is suggest an exchange. I absolutly love this phone and will wait to android 2.1 update releases to decide what ill ultimatly. This phone has the potential to be so much bettter than moto droid. I hope it works!
  8. wvdoc

    wvdoc Member

    Cammy, I wouldn't hold my breath. I think Samsung has no fix. Why else would it take this long to come up with a solution?? Most likely is a hardware issue and recall will be next for Samsung!! Software problem would have firmware upgrade by now. IMHO.
  9. agent0014

    agent0014 Well-Known Member

    I highly doubt that this is a hardware issue... I'm not an expert but I do have a reasonable idea of how the hardware works in devices like a cell phone, and I can't even imagine a situation where something like this would ever be a hardware issue. I'm sure it's a deep-rooted software issue where the wifi settings call X and Y but if Y is in a particular state it throws error Z which signals the radio and the radio shuts off (that's only an example).
  10. mysticmead

    mysticmead Well-Known Member

    I'll be switching to Sprint in a little over a month, right now my wife will be getting a Moment and I'll probably get a Hero.. unless there's a way to make sure the phone never enters airplane mode on it's own. The reason for this is, I do on call/after hours server support for radiology depts in over 100 hospitals nationwide. I have to have a phone that will ring when I get called.. no exceptions. going into airplane mode could impact patient care as well as my employment. so if someone can tell me there's a way to make sure it doesn't go into airplane mode, then I'm all for the moment as well.
  11. wvdoc

    wvdoc Member

    Why not switch to ATT and the I-phone instead?? That would be a sure thing at the present time. Until Samsung/Sprint address the airplane death mode, then I would stay away!! Peoples lives may depend on your phone.
  12. mysticmead

    mysticmead Well-Known Member

    why not switch to AT&T?? simple.. Sprint is a hell of a lot cheaper than anyone else when it comes to paying for 4 lines.. that and I refuse to get an iPhone.. The only way I would have an Apple product in my house (other than the ONE person that I know that has an iPhone) is if it was given to me.. and only then until I could sell it.

    like I said, if they don't have the issue fixed or a good workaround when I switch from big red... then I'll get the hero
  13. wvdoc

    wvdoc Member

    Would this not be a business expense? 100 Hospital coverage? If my job depended on it, that is what I would be carrying. The issue would already be fixed if Samsung had the answer, don't you think? The Hero is a better play if you are ANTI-iphone.
  14. mysticmead

    mysticmead Well-Known Member

    business expense.. no.. I do get a discount with all 3 carriers through work.. but they don't pay for the cell phone. I could go the crackberry route.. but would rather not.. I do like the hero though.. who knows.. maybe by mid February there will be a patch or work around for the airplane mode.. unless someone knows for a fact that not using wifi prevents the phone from entering that mode on it's own... either way, I'll be on Sprint soon and have an Android... that's all that really matters right?

    as far as the issue being fixed already by Samsung if they had an answer.. who knows.. maybe they want to roll out one update to fix as many problems as possible at once.. and maybe they're fixing it all with 2.1.. no one knows but Samsung...
  15. flu13

    flu13 Well-Known Member

    Anecdotal evidence in Adrift's poll shows that some people have experienced the airplane mode glitch even without using wi-fi. Personally, I had it several times for a couple of weeks, and have not had it a single time since turning off wi-fi for good. But I don't think that anyone can say definitely what causes the airplane mode thing, so I think it's up to you as to whether you want that risk.
  16. vwvapor

    vwvapor Well-Known Member

    My co-worker brought me her moment today and it had this issue a week ago. She brought to a sprint store where they performed a factory reset. She didn't load any apps since then and never uses WiFi, but the airplane mode issue happened again yesterday and no amount of soft/hard reset, battery pull or airplane mode toggle makes the phone useable. In the phone status, her phone number isn't even listed anymore. She only got the phone because she saw my hero and really liked Android, but absolutely hated the on screen KB. She's going to try and exchange, but this has really left a sour taste. After all, first impressions are the ones that last.

    Ps. HTC heroes rock.
  17. Vorless DarkChaos

    Vorless DarkChaos Well-Known Member

    This problem only happen to me only once and i had My samsung moment since December 20,2009
  18. thehandyman

    thehandyman Active Member

    I've been having this problem, and it has nothing to do with Wifi. It's getting really annoying.
  19. indiana jones

    indiana jones Well-Known Member

    ive had the phone working without this problem after doing a hard reset and never turning on wifi for a month now. just yesterday i had sprint replace my phone since is what they suggested was the only solution to the battery issue and the airplane wifi issue. im gonna use wifi on this phone and keep posted. maybe after i go through 5 moments will they replace the phone for something different entirely. i use WPA encryption if thats of any help.
  20. edvan

    edvan Well-Known Member

    AHHH!... happened again today. Took the phone off the charger this morning around 6am while I was getting ready for work. checked the phone for problems/notifications/service, everything was normal so I put it in my pocket. Got to work checked the phone about 2hrs later wondering why i haven't heard any ring or alerts and then realized it went into Airplane Mode.

  21. DroidUser1

    DroidUser1 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, just signed up to start the chatter on this issue which happened to me... :eek: I was just messing around with the phone put it in airplane mode and then all of a sudden couldn't turn it off. I DID figure out a solution though. I went into to settings and location and turned everything on, somehow this fixed it and I could see the airplane icon and turn it off. :D I'm trying to reproduce this issue and I think it rests in the software this things got. It probably happens rarely but If I find it I'll let you guys know....
  22. indiana jones

    indiana jones Well-Known Member

    well im back updating and not 2 days passed and i got airplane mode with wifi on. i wonder if they will send me a blackberry tour. ill be calling to let them know again.
  23. cammy

    cammy Member

    that makes a little more sense because there are a couple of blackberry models that have bugs in them that force a radio shut off, that was a reason i never got a bb.
  24. bigge4380

    bigge4380 Member

    I just wanted to let you guys know that Sprints device operational support has duplicated the issue and is working with Samsung to resolve the issue. The preliminary thought is that the kernel (1.5) that the Moment is using was originally designed for gsm use but was modified to be used with cdma so there might be a component that is force closing. This might be something for the tech heads here to mull over.
  25. Zorg

    Zorg New Member

    Well, I must have good timing to see this kind of news just as I make my first post. So, Bigge, what is your affiliation with Sprint? And your source for this news? Does the log service note FC's and the processes that start, stop, and exit/crash? I may consider loading it.... Oh, and this theory (of cause) would imply that the Hero is very likely to have this same fault - does it?

    BTW, Here is my experience on this phone bug:
    Got my Mo' on 12/23 and saw this happen twice, requiring a Power-Down reboot (via the RED-button menu), my first disappointment! Hoped it was me, now know better... Have been on vacation for these two weeks and not near a WF, so I turned it off and had not seen the problem again for all this time.

    After reading through this thread, I enabled WF ON/OFF/ON (there is no connection here tho). Listening to podcast for an hour w/ phone on USB charger, I just picked it up (after an hour) and have the X on the bars. This is not Airplane mode, tho, right? Just NO service at all, not even ability to roam. However, airplane mode (via native settings) indicates was ON, so clicked it off (but still no signal) and then did power down and back up. No indication of searching for signal (which is normal), but X went away and signal appears normal.

    I have MANY downloaded apps and the "One-Click" widgets for BT, WF, GPS, and Vibrate. Found them to be just what I liked.

    I will force the failure a few more times and try the 2G/3G switch as well...

    Good to be here and read from the experience of so many other users - thanks for taking the time to describe, vent, explore, and brag...

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