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Phone for parents suggestion

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  1. averagewonder

    averagewonder Well-Known Member

    OK so I usually just give my parents my old phone when I get a new one. My dad has my connect and my moms got my old admire. The question I have is she can't really see it its too small. I'm going to get her a new phone what would you guys suggest. Needs to be bigger than the admire so the motion is out sucks cause its only 50 now. Also I'd like it to be some what smooth because it will just frustrate her if its not and cheep would be nice too. I'm thinking the new avid cause its 4.0 for the screen and 150 price.

  2. h4x0rj3ff

    h4x0rj3ff Chemist

    in my opinion your best bet is to have your dad stick with the connect. as for your mom the cheapest phone with a big screen is the anthem at $199. ive never seen it or used it but the simple fact that its made by ZTE puts a really bad taste in my mouth. the avid weighs in at 4.0 screen size and $149 but again ive never used it or have the want to use it. the motion will run circles around the esteem but the esteem has a bigger screen so its more expensive. it really sux. i know im gonna catch slack for this but have they thought about going to a contract carrier to get cheaper phones? the service will be more expensive tho
  3. averagewonder

    averagewonder Well-Known Member

    yeah this is mostly for my mom. They don't want contracts we have all gotten burned by that in the past.
  4. h4x0rj3ff

    h4x0rj3ff Chemist

  5. averagewonder

    averagewonder Well-Known Member

    Yeah that's where I bought my connect from. I'm surprised the motion is more expensive their but the S3 is cheaper weird
  6. unnamedny

    unnamedny Well-Known Member

    there is an option to change font size on android. hope it helps
  7. mike28

    mike28 Well-Known Member

    Or wait for the lg spirit coming soon that might be a winner
  8. 1Andrew

    1Andrew Active Member

    This. I wouldn't risk getting the unknown ZTE brand even though it's cheap.

    I personally have to tie my hands behind my back so that I don't get the amazing $49 deal for the motion, while I wait for the LG Spirit to come.
  9. johnnyolivares

    johnnyolivares Well-Known Member

    I say get her ZTE AVID.
    yes its true ZTE isnt best brand, its not even close but since its for your mom I don't think she needs the best phone out there. The specs are decent.

    There isn't root for it and that would be a deal breaker for most of us but I doubt it is for your mom. I think the AVID will fit all her needs

    or you can try getting a good deal on a used esteem.
  10. twogbsd

    twogbsd Well-Known Member

    Avid, Motion, or GS3 ;) or wait for the Spirit :)
  11. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    if you mom doesnt care much for performance and functionality than id say go for the anthem. its only $200 and its a nice size screen.

    im assuming your mom isnt a tech wiz of heavy gamer so the anthem will be able to handle her tasks.
  12. averagewonder

    averagewonder Well-Known Member

    Yeah definitely not a tech wiz I have to keep showing her how to text.
  13. OcalaFlGuy

    OcalaFlGuy Well-Known Member

    I would suggest you take them if possible to a Metro store to hold and play with some of the phones.

    While BIG screens are easier to input on And wanted more by us Techies, a lot of "normal" people think a phone with a near 5" screen is just Too Big for a carry all the time *phone* (I include myself in this group).

    IMO, my 4.3" DX screen makes for a phone that is at the LARGEST end of my acceptable range. That the Motion was Smaller Than my DX was a solid selling point to me.

    Dear God, I can't believe *I'd* be one to recommend the Avid but it may be the Perfect Compromise of larger screen and decent size carry phone for your parents. I agree with others that your parents are unlikely to notice the lack of techy wizardry in the Avid.

    Nothing beats holding them all in your hands to be sure though.

    Bruce in Ocala, FL
  14. averagewonder

    averagewonder Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone. I think I'm going to see what the price if the new LG phone is before I decide anything. But leaning toward the avid right now.

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