Phone Force Close Meltdown

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    I have the HTC Incredible (stock no custom roms), I've had it over a year now. And yesterday I went to download some updates from the market. Problem is I started it at 4:30 and left work at 5 so it never finished and it changed wifi networks so it got all confused. It was basically stuck at "starting download", so I canceled them all and tried again. Only this time it said "Downloading Flash player and 198 apps" in the notification bar but not in the market. I only had like 10 apps to update, not sure why it was trying to download every app I have. So I turned it off and thought I'd fix it in the morning.

    New wrinkle. When I booted up my phone it says I have just installed a new update to 2.2, but I've had 2.2 since it came out. And now random applications are force closing, like handcent and the weather channel app. And none of the widgets seem to be working. And the programs like tasker will fire up and then close immediately with no errors. Any idea what happened and how to fix this? Thanks for any help anyone can provide.


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