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  1. agera

    agera Member

    Just about 30 min ago when I started up my camera and took a few shots and then suddenly the phone and the screen freezes, i tryed to shut it down correctly/tab out but nothing worked. I had to remove the battery and put it in again so that I could start the optimus 2x again.

    I had no games or anything running in the background


  2. doncoop

    doncoop Member

    I only went into the camera and took one photo but worked ok.

    I might be the minority but I kinda expect the odd crash here and there with a phone so powerful and complex as this.

    Mine did lock up for a bit in the Facebook for LG app.

    Compared the android Facebook and twitter apps to the LG ones and have therefore done away with the LG versions and I am using the android ones.
  3. agera

    agera Member

    The phone does not freeze every time i open the camera, this was the first time so far since i bought it, 6 days ago

    Anyone else that have experienced something like this? a freeze in general - take the battery out etc
  4. cazman

    cazman Well-Known Member

    I had the same thing, first day I got the phone the camera app froze on me, had to remove the battery as you did, hasn't happened again thankfully, how bout you? Has it happened again for you?

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