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  1. Jedibob5

    Jedibob5 New Member

    I got a VM Rise about a week ago, my first smartphone, and I'm rather impressed, for the most part. However, it's got this annoying habit of shutting off on me, and it won't turn back on. I'll take out the phone, the screen will be black, and the power/unlock button will do nothing no matter how many times I press it or how long I hold it. To get it to work again, I have to either remove and replace the battery, or plug it into the charger, and then it will come back on.
    I'm not sure whether the phone is just frozen while locked, or if it's actually turning itself off. When I put it on the charger and hold the power button, it undergoes the boot sequence with one of those obnoxious little songs Virgin Mobile likes to put in their startup sequences, yet when it freezes it doesn't seem to go through any shutting-down sequence.
    I thought I had the cause narrowed down to the SD card, as it seemed to happen most often when an SD card was in, and once, I inserted the SD card, and the problem immediately occurred. Yet, it also sometimes happens even without the SD card in. Calling tech support, they instructed me to do a factory reset, and if it was still having trouble after four hours, call again and they'd send me a replacement. I'll do this if all else fails, however if it's possible to fix it without having to wait for them to ship me a new one, that would be much, much preferred. Thanks in advance!

  2. dibblebill

    dibblebill Well-Known Member

    Haven't had this issue, yet. I've had random reboots- no help here, sorry.
  3. BmXStuD

    BmXStuD Well-Known Member

    get the replacement
  4. shadowspawn

    shadowspawn Well-Known Member

    Dut dududut dut duhhhhhh dut duhhhnut LOL. Virgin Mobile boot tone aside, do you live in an area where there's a lot of salt or humidity in the air? One of the connections inside of the phone may have gotten corroded due to moisture in the air. This can also happen if you keep your phone in the bathroom while taking a hot shower.

    Also how's the battery once you plug it back in/replace the battery? Is it drained or just fine?
  5. Jedibob5

    Jedibob5 New Member

    The battery's fine when I put it back in. I think it is a problem with a connector in the battery or some other sort of electronic problem. It sometimes happens when I put some pressure on the phone (when I lean on a table or something), and I also tried putting the SD card in again, I didn't even completely insert it, and the screen went dark before it was even supposed to lock, and wouldn't come back. I do live in Baton Rouge, LA, so the air's pretty humid around here, though it's far enough from the coast where there isn't much salt. I think I'll go ahead and get that replacement, maybe that one will give me more luck.

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