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  1. Mimimi

    Mimimi New Member

    Suddenly my Galaxy Ace started freezing during startup. When android boots, as soon as the main menu shows up, it goes crazy and all kinds of processes start crashing saying "application xyz has stopped unexpectedly", giving me no chance to do anything until it finally freezes for good. After that, the only way to shut it down is by removing the battery. I tried the recovery mode (vol up + menu button) and did a factory reset but it didn't work and I'm not even sure if it actually did anything, because when i restart my phone, my custom wallpaper is still there.
    Any ideas? My phone is not rooted.

  2. CesarOC

    CesarOC Active Member

    What android Version does your phone has?
  3. Mimimi

    Mimimi New Member

  4. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    Restart your phone with the sd card removed, maybe the sd card is corrupted and its causing problems...
  5. Mimimi

    Mimimi New Member

    I already tried that :(

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