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Phone gets really hot while chargingSupport

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  1. juliusedward

    juliusedward Active Member

    I am very new to Nexus One. Just got it recently. While charging it gets really hot. Is it OK? or is there some problem with my phone?

  2. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    I think it's pretty normal that your phone gets hot when it charges. From what I've read, it's normal. Now the question is how hot does your phone get when it's charging. Mine is around 36-42 degrees celcius on average.
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  3. juliusedward

    juliusedward Active Member

    Mine too stays in the same range. Guess I dont have to worry.
    Thanks Roze
  4. chuichi

    chuichi Member

    Hi, I'm using HTC Desire.

    When it was still on Android 2.1, the phone does get warm when charging, but nothing to be alarmed of.

    However I recently upgraded it to Android 2.2 and the phone gets really really hot when charging!!!

    Is anyone else getting this too, when upgraded to 2.2!?

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