Phone gets stuck on ANDROID screen after turning onSupport

Last Updated: 2013-02-02 18:34:28
  1. elenamason27

    elenamason27 New Member

    My phone was downloading updates to some of the apps and the screen froze. I thought I would be ok if I took the battery out and put it back in. Now it goes past the LG screen and freezes on the ANDROID screen and I dont know how to fix it. Help! Thank you!

  2. Phatninja55

    Phatninja55 Well-Known Member

    I pulled the battery on my phone once while it was stuck uninstalling an app.
    If your not rooted, I would do a factory data reset from the recovery menu.
    But it seems it may be the only way to get your phone running.

    Pull the battery, put it back in.
    Then hold the power button, volume button, and home button until you are in the android system recovery.
    Then use your volume keys to navigate the menus. Go down to factory rest, and use the home button to select it. Wait until its done and your phone should reboot itself.
    I hope this works. If not there is another option.
  3. kdog123

    kdog123 New Member

    I'm having just about the same troubles.
    So what is the second option?

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