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  1. ukzen

    ukzen Well-Known Member

    againA couple of weeks ago i took my phone out of coat pocket at work to check for texts etc, and it was red hot and wouldn't turn on, did a battery pull it came on minus about 60% of battery life.
    I uninstalled a couple of recently added apps and it seemed ok.
    Its started again 3 times in as many days, this time i haven't added any new apps.
    When i try to turn it on nothing and it is really warm,i pull the battery and as soon as i insert battery again it starts up without pressing power button.
    Any ideas out there?, going to back up and factory reset tonight, but wouldn't mind knowing if it is likely to happen again.
    BTW i am just in stock rom, not rooted or anything

  2. big_mike

    big_mike Well-Known Member

    my mates s3 did this id return they maybe well need to change battery or just do some kind of update unavailable to us.
  3. kelis32

    kelis32 Well-Known Member

    What firmware are you currently on ?
  4. ukzen

    ukzen Well-Known Member

    I'm on ICS 4.04 ,just bog standard T-Mobile,i don't do custom roms (yet)
  5. kelis32

    kelis32 Well-Known Member

  6. reeven

    reeven Member

    Sammy roms has an bug, if you use an app or play game, that app work in the background and cpu temp stay high all the time. Fix, clear any app after using( games, system tuner, etc). The trick is that clearing ram lower the temp because apps goes away.

    S1,s2, s3 and note does the same.
  7. faheemnahvi

    faheemnahvi New Member


    I have got Samsung Galaxy SII - GT-19100 (4.0.3 Android version) from Singapore before couple of months. Since then, it hangs often but not in use. I have to remove battery and put back and press start button. It starts and works as good child. Whenever, device hangs, I found, the phone was hot and battery was drained.
    I was advised by Samsung customer care India to try factory reset and phone software installation anew. I tried both. But problem not solved.
    Please advise. I love my SII much.

    Thanks in advance.


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