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  1. JayTheKing

    JayTheKing Active Member

    Hey guys!When i charge my phone both the charger and the phone get reaaaly hot.
    That happens when i play games as well especially dead space whee the battery feels like a volcano.

  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    There's a handful of free apps in the Play Store to tell you the internal temp (it's generally the battery temp, so not super precise). If you're getting up to 100 there may be problems but both charging and game/processor intense processes will crank up that internal temp. I've had my old Droid reboot when I was charging and running Nav in the summertime (it was also really overclocked). If you start seeing processes fail or reboots, then take it easy for a bit and let it cool down. But, like many others, I ran my phone through the roof really overclocked for a year and a half and never noticed any actual damage.
  3. JayTheKing

    JayTheKing Active Member

    I downloaded battery indicator.
    I got this good health/35.0 C/4.104 V

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