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  1. BIGDOG101010

    BIGDOG101010 Member

    I have ag2 virgin in the home menu the settings pop up by them self the phone will vibrate 3 to 4 * times the menu flashes on and off

  2. striker325

    striker325 Well-Known Member

    I believe that is a bug on the phones software. I have a similar problem that if i wake the phone up and put the screen to sleep several times throughout the day, the next time I want to wake it up with the wake button it does not wake anymore and I have to remove the battery in order for the phone to work again.
  3. lilnono93

    lilnono93 Member

    I have noticed the bugs in the buttons, too. Every now and then, they act up a little. Sometimes, I'll press the menu or home button and nothing happens right light, no feedback, no action on screen...I'll wait a second and the lights will flash a couple times I'll get 3 or 4 vibes and the menu will pop up and close really quick a couple times...all at the same time.

    Right now, I just wait it out and deal with it since I haven't experienced any adverse affects. It hasn't force closed anything I've been running when it happens, no reboots, not even really mess up what I'm doing in the app. My hope has been that there'll be a patch or a ROM that'll fix it.
  4. tcross8361

    tcross8361 Well-Known Member

    I don't seem to have the settings issue on mine or I just haven't noticed it. Have you tried exchanging it and seeing if the new one has the same issue?

    I have had the issue with it not wanting to wake up from sleep mode. Only a hand full of times. It might be a bug or it may be programmed to do that. Here's my thought on that. It is a computer so maybe they want you to restart it every so often. So maybe it allows only a certain amount of sleep wake cycles. Then it forces you do reboot by pulling the battery so everything gets refreshed by clearing back ground processes and caches. The only thing is, why wouldn't they just reboot instead of requiring a battery pull.
  5. striker325

    striker325 Well-Known Member

    I found out that if you hold the wake button for about 30 seconds it does a hard reboot and I have been doing that when the phone does not wake up normally.
  6. joeycmb

    joeycmb Well-Known Member

    flashin too many rom or leavin the device connected (plugin)to the computer ..... during computer sleep mode or turn off (computer) issues not being able to wake up your device from sleep mode , screen on and off constantly...even worst power button disable.....happen to my sprint epic touch 4g
  7. joeycmb

    joeycmb Well-Known Member

    on my sprint I stop issue by doin all wipes+format in recovery unistalling drivers on my computer N fresh install ....

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