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  1. Murdocng

    Murdocng New Member

    Since yesterday my android zte blade stuck. Suddenly a siren sound and a white screen shows up says Phone hase been locked. and do not allow meto do anything.
    To give more information about the problem , i reboot my phone , reset , and remove the battery but nothing worked. When i reboot my phone it starts loading the apps and after some seconds it loads this screen.
    None of the buttons works when this screen is on , but the home.When i press the home it is actually works and show me home but afterw 3 sec it shows the white screen again.
    I cant answer to received calls because this screen wont go off so i cant press answer or dial or anything else.If i go to home and press an app to execute it shows up imediately this screen shorter than than the 3 sec , that is needed , if you dont touch anything.
    I search the internet but found nothing relative.I think i ta could be some kind of virus but please help me.

  2. Did you recently download or install any apps before this happened?
  3. Joe Dirt

    Joe Dirt Well-Known Member

    Can you boot to recovery?
  4. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Something isn't playing nice with your system, Murdocng, most likely an alarm/clock widget's settings, but it could be any other number of those things.

    If you can get into your menus, you might try clearing cache and data on just about every 3rd party app/widget you have (those from Market, etc). Then reboot.

    If no relief from the problem, it may be time to uninstall what you can.

    A factory data reset would be the next/last resort.
  5. BurnCK

    BurnCK Well-Known Member

    Is your phone rooted ? If so then you'll probably have to boot into recovery and re-flash.

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