Phone is driving me nuts! Please help!

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  1. wscrcom

    wscrcom New Member

    galaxy W with CWM and CM10

    phone will not boot to CM10 - just sits at spinning logo and doesnt go anywhere

    Have flashed to CM9 - does the same thing

    If I try to boot to bootloader (odin) via CWM, it hangs - so cant flash to stock

    Can anyone help?

    Have tried 'pristine' reinstall - makes no difference

    When I try to flash stock through CWM, the phone reboots.

  2. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forums wscrcom :hello:

    I'm not familiar with your phone, but have you tried a newer TWRP recovery? Getting stuck at the CM boot screen I know happens sometimes with an older CWM recovery on the S2 phones like I have.

    Also, can you manually get to your bootloader without CWM and use Odin like this?

    btw .. I'll move this to the All Things Root forum for you. :)

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