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  1. stephen67

    stephen67 Member

    Twice now, i have picked up my phone and it would not respond to me trying to use it. The screen remained blank.

    In both cases, I opened it up, detached the battery, reattached to battery, and the phone started right away.

    The phone is about two months old. It is locked; I have a contract with Bell in Canada.

    Should I be concerned and take some sort of action?

    Or just wait for a firmware update?

    All suggestions welcome!


  2. big_mike

    big_mike Well-Known Member

    as with most of these issues i would say wait for the update its supposedly gonna rock our worlds!
  3. collinsd14

    collinsd14 Member

    I have the same problem (also with Bell)... and was told that there should be a fix with Froyo...
  4. (007)

    (007) New Member

    happened twice with my Samsung T959.

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