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phone issues with incoming callsGeneral

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  1. Bunnyes

    Bunnyes New Member

    First time poster, just wanted to make sure I am doing the right thing. My phone will sometimes not ring at all when I receive an incoming call. It will be waiting for me to pickup, but nothing will be coming out of the speakers. Also, sometimes when someone calls it rings and rings on their end and go to my voice mail, but my phone will not even register that they called. Oh, and it randomly revolted once or twice just sitting there. I am probably going to exchange my phone, but I wanted to see if that is the best course of action.

  2. Bunnyes

    Bunnyes New Member

  3. wannainc

    wannainc Well-Known Member

    I forget what its called but did you install that phone app that is a voice mail app, sort of like google voice but not? I had installed that and as soon as I did 1/2 my calls were going straights to voice mail, not even ringing. My son helped me test it and 10 out of 20 calls went straight to vm. I cant have that because what if the school is trying to call me? I uninstalled it and waited...later turned phone off..left off for a few minutes and turned back on...problem solved. Not sure if this is your problem but I think its probably an app causing your problems, and not the phone itself. Good luck!

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