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  1. Inmediusre

    Inmediusre New Member

    Long story short. My headphones jack broke in the port. After reading some tips to get it out (after trying tweezers, etc...) was to superglue the end of a paperclip to the broken part in the port. Wait, and then pull it out.

    Apparently this backfired because now the headphone jack is superglued in the port. Regardless of my idiocy, it's not coming out.

    The main problem is, in order to use my phone as a phone I have to do it on speakerphone. Because the phone recognizes that a headset is plugged in, I can't just put the phone up to my ear and use it.

    1) would buying a bluetooth by pass this and allow me to atleast not have to use the speakerphone when having a conversation.

    2) Is there an app (I've been looking) that can bypass this somehow, someway, so that I don't have to talk on speakerphone, and I can actually put it up to my ear.

    Nope. No insurance. I've been very gentle with my phone, even bought an otterbox defender case for it. I think it was just faulty ear buds.

    I use a motorola photon still running (sigh) gingerbread.

  2. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    I would do a search in this forum, YOU-TUBE & GOOGLE for repair tools/kits, etc..... for this phone. I think there is a good YOU-TUBE video showing how to tear down the PHOTON.

    It looks like all you'd need is the tool kit (which a link to this is in the video, I believe), & you shouldn't have to get too far into the back of the phone to remove the broken/stuck audio jack.
  3. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    Sorry that happened to you. I bet you could've kicked yourself when you realized the super glue trick didn't work as intended. Me.....I'd be cussing and posting for help all at the same time.

    Wish I could be of some help. When I had the Photon I bookmarked a lot of the youtube videos but don't have them any more. Here's wishing you the best in getting your phone fixed.
  4. Inmediusre

    Inmediusre New Member

    Thanks a lot guys. Haha yah I was cussing both at myself for being a moron and screwing up the superglue trick, and cursing at the POS apple head phones I was using.


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