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  1. microserfs

    microserfs Well-Known Member

    Has anyone else had this problem with their HTC Desire?

    My phone will keep cutting off in the middle of calls for no reason. First time I thought it might be my cheek or something pressing against the "end call" button whilst talking, but after this happening about ten times since I've had the phone in two weeks, I'm pretty sure theres something wrong with my phone. That or whoevers calling me has problems with their phone :\

    At one point the sound just cut off mid-call andalthough I could hear the person on the other end they couldnt hear me...

    I don't know whether this is a HTC Desire problem noted before or it might just be my handset.. I went to an Orange store who said maybe the sensor at the top of the phone was not picking up on my "being there" by me holding it badly or something but i have no clue.

    Any ideas?

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  2. runamonk

    runamonk Well-Known Member

    Sounds like this could be a couple different things.

    It could be as simple as you're getting dropped calls. Did this problem just start with this phone?

    What kind of signal do you have in your area?

    Is this happening on most calls and only in a certain area, such as your house?

    Does this happen with only specific people you're talking too on the phone?

    The phone or sim could be defective.

    You can easily tell if the sensor is working or not by making a call and putting your hand over the phone, the screen will turn off.
  3. DanielF

    DanielF Member

    I can confirm the same annoying behaviour that my new Desire drops calls way too often. I switched from a Nokia N95 8GB less than 2 weeks ago which I used in my apartment without any dropped calls for months. As soon as I got my Desire calls started dropping, sometimes after 10 seconds, sometimes after 60 mins. Some calls were interrupted 5 times within 20 minutes which is not acceptable of course.

    Like microserfs I suspected my chin ending the calls accidentally so I tried to talk with my ear barely touching the phone at all. Yet various calls dropped.
    Then I checked if if could be related to my phone being connected to the charger and the cable causing power spikes and therefore dropping the call. But it also happened in other places like at work.
    The reception is between 3 and 4 bars and should not be the reason either. Even with only 1 bar I might be able to talk for half an hour without interruptions.

    I have to take and make very important calls for interviews these days and cannot rely on my new and shiny Desire which is really annoying. Does anyone have an idea what could be the reason and how to remedy that? Thanks.

    KING LUFF Well-Known Member

    i had this problem on my previous HTC Magic but not once on my desire. Are you on Vodafone by any chance?
  5. DanielF

    DanielF Member

    Yes, I'm on Vodafone Ireland and live in Dublin city centre where you'd expect to have a rather good and stable reception. Everything used to be fine with various other (Nokia) phones.
  6. nx1977

    nx1977 Well-Known Member

    You dont have to worry about ending the call, as the screen blanks when you hold to your ear ;)
  7. DC1

    DC1 Member

    Mine drops calls easily too. Yes, Vodafone, but my previous SE C902 was no problem (and the sound was much better too):mad:
  8. czechplastik

    czechplastik Well-Known Member

    I haven't had any dropped calls yet, signal is great round here and they say Belfast is in the dark ages....
  9. DanielF

    DanielF Member

    I don't think that the issue is related to bad or flaky reception as I constantly have 3-4 bars on my Desire which indicates to me that the signal is strong and reliable enough.
    But then I don't fully understand the technical background of base stations and transmission systems.

    VF-IE have come up with the "solution" to have the phone replaced. Well, I might take that road just to see if my particular phone has an issue. I don't quite like the idea though as it means a lot of work transferring apps and settings, no?
  10. StevieB

    StevieB Member

    I had the same problem with dropped calls and call quality and had a replacement which did the same. In the end I sent the phone back under the 7 day return agreement.

    My N95 and older Sony Erricsson had no problems holding a call or problems with call quality in the same area. I am currently with Orange.

  11. Sikara

    Sikara New Member

    Also posted under - 'call goe strait to o2 voice mail even when not in use' from poster 'david632'. Also posted to DigitalSpy. Some said ' found that when I checked the phone number of the SIM card - via Phone Identity option - it was showing the temporary number rather than the ported one so Orange did a SIM reset via SMS and since then everything seems to be ok so far'.
    My phone however shows the mobile no. correctly.

    The phone doesn't ring - HTC Desire [Orange] - Mobile Phones - Digital Spy Forums
  12. SeanHannam

    SeanHannam New Member

    I have Started to get the same problem after about a week and having read this I'm pretty sure it's me moving the phone away from my ear (when the caller is dull!) and therefore activating the screen, it seems to tie into a number of dull conversations I have been having :)
  13. laney88

    laney88 Active Member

    Is this happening when holding the phone in your left hand by any chance? :p
  14. cnanthony

    cnanthony Well-Known Member

    I am having this problem, quite often now. Really frustrating.

    I wondered if it may be something to do with the phone swapping from H to G? Would this drop a call if I have mobile data always on?

    Manchester, UK. Tmobile UK
  15. DanielF

    DanielF Member

    Since upgrading to software number 1.21.405.2 I haven't had a single cut off connection. At least for me it seems that is was software related and has been fixed now.
  16. nsd3

    nsd3 New Member

    I've had my HTC Desire for over a month now and regularly experience dropped calls (have had two today). I'm currently on software version so I'll keep an eye out for 1.21.x and see if that makes a difference.

    Someone above wondered about switching from H (High Speed Packet Access (3G, enabling download speeds of up to a few Mbit/sec)) to G (GSM/GPRS (2G, download speeds of up to 80 kbit/sec)). I know that Vodafone tests all of these kind of handover scenarios in its own labs in addition to testing that the handset manufacturer does. So the change from a 3G signal to a 2G signal should not cause the call to drop unless there are specific signal quality issues in the area. I know that where I am there are no such signal issues, so I'm still betting on there being a glitch in the phone software on this one.
  17. microserfs

    microserfs Well-Known Member

    How do you go about looking for software upgrades? (sorry, completely new to this!)

    I actually found it might just be me muting the call all the time (I hate that they have those icons right where I can keep hitting them during the call) but when it does drop or my phone starts refusing to dial out it does leave me frustrated. :\
  18. kachopra

    kachopra Member

    When I hold the phone to my ear it never blanks out consistently, it is always flicking on and off, should this happen?
  19. socare

    socare New Member

    I have the same drop call issue on HTC desire 1.21.405.2.
    My wife got the HTC wildfire and same issue call dropping off.

    I don't think it is an exclusive iphone issue anymore.
  20. LeBearUK

    LeBearUK New Member

    Same here, I upgraded from N95 8G to the Desire and instantly noticed the issue with call dropping, also, my reception can fluctuate quite a bit (but I am on three network), but even with full bars calls still drop.

    I have since contacted three, who stated that this is a know issue that a future update should resolve, I couldn't handle the drops, no problem with my N95 on three and since have had my upgrade reversed.

    Shame really, I really love the HTC desire phone (except for the shitty loud speaker (if you can call it that))
  21. ccrows

    ccrows Well-Known Member

    I can say that this happens more frequently with my Telus Desire than my Nokia e72.

    Like OP I thought it was my cheek hitting the "End Call" but it still happens with BT.

    Personally I'm chalking it up to HTC's build quality since I had the same issues with the Tilt and my friend did with the Fuze (I know it's different OS) but IMO (in general) HTC is not as good as Nokia or Motorola for build quality...
  22. curmudgeonly

    curmudgeonly New Member

    Call dropping on longer call. Not happened when on phone to client, more social calls, but annoying! In Edinburgh on Vodafone. Also wish I'd known about the rooting issue. Missing the quality of the Sony camera (which I use for work related tasks....) . No phone ever consummate, but I'm getting rose specs over the experia...
  23. Dvpony

    Dvpony New Member

    I have been having the same problem. I bought a htc wildfire with T-mobile recently and it keeps cutting off calls or activating the mute button or self dialling random numbers while I'm on calls. I phoned the t-mobile shop and they said they hadn't heard of the problem before. So I am very grateful to see your post, as there is clearly a issue with a lot of htc phones dropping calls.
  24. DAS77

    DAS77 New Member

    I've been reading all of the above comments and i have to say that none of the issues above have to do with call drops. we all had phones before and even with bad reception we could still talk for hours. I have the same problem and its sooooooooo frustrating. My opinion is that the first Htc Desires that released on the market have the same problem. I pre order mine from before and am having this issue since then. We are the unlucky ones because i don't believe that HTC would bother to solve this problem. Its sooooo ironic to produce and sell such powerful phone that lucks one major function....making calls. one thing for sure is that i will never buy htc phone again or even suggest it to anyone!
  25. jamespiggot

    jamespiggot New Member

    I have the same problem with an HTC Desire purchased just a month or so ago, it is running Android Froyo so I don't think it is an Android problem, carrier is 3 in the UK and it happens a lot regardless of location. So this does seem to be phone related rather than location or carrier related. Has anyone taken this up with their supplier or with HTC support?

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