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  1. sparafucile

    sparafucile Member

    On my most-frequently-used WiFi networks, my Optimus M keeps forgetting my WiFi passwords, forcing me to track-down and re-enter them quite frequently. It then keep the password on-hand for a while, but soon forgets it again (days to weeks later). The networks have unique names, so aren't likely to be confused with other networks I might encounter.

    Does anybody have any experience with or ideas concerning this pervasive and irritating problem??


  2. blaxican25

    blaxican25 Well-Known Member

    lets say you wifi name is 2wire221 and your password is saved in your phones wifi settings if you change the name of your wifi connection you will have to re enter your wifi password or maybe your phones wifi is just acting up.
  3. ofirshw

    ofirshw Member

    I have the same issue, Galaxy S with 2.3.5.
    The phone keeps forgetting stored passwords, within period of days to weeks.
    Didn't find any solution over the net.
  4. NeoSabin

    NeoSabin Well-Known Member

    Though this forum is for optimus m, I'll try and help out. Is your galaxy s on stock or custom ROM?
  5. ofirshw

    ofirshw Member


    I got into this phenomena on both 2.3.4 and 2.3.5, both stock and custom ROMs.

    Actually I wasn't able to find any other threads about that over the net, probably because Google is being blind to it by people that forgot their password threads. (same search terms)
  6. NeoSabin

    NeoSabin Well-Known Member

    Can you check in /data/misc/
    wifi/ wpa_supplicant.conf
    and see of the network and password are stored there? If its not there can you trying adding yours and save the changes.

    Edit: as phones differ it could be in a different location, so you could also look in here /data/wifi/bcm_supp.conf
  7. ofirshw

    ofirshw Member

    At any given time, the ones which are "remembered" by the phone are there.
    I also have an app which browse this file (needs root).

    The problem is passwords which get forgotten by the device after being used for some time.
    The order of forgetting is random, not coherent to the ones last used, or last entered.
  8. NeoSabin

    NeoSabin Well-Known Member

    Does this usually happen when you are on wifi and get a call? Are you turning it on through settings or other means? Use root explorer and manually add the network if it's not there. Also how many networks are you saving?
  9. ofirshw

    ofirshw Member

    I can't point on a reason (call + wifi, or whatever combination).
    I'm setting the wifi on and off using the top toolbar of the android system.
    I'm usually working with ~5 wifi networks tops, not anything that should kill a text file.

    I'll try adding them myself and will update later on if it helps in any way.

  10. unl0rd

    unl0rd Member

    Did you ever get this sorted out?

    I had a similar problem, not just the wifi password was forgotten, but also the static settings. If I put the info in and turned off WiFi, turning on WiFi again would require password and static info re-entry.

    The wifi password remembering/harvesting app I have installed wasn't finding any passwords either.

    Anyway, this is solved, the permissions just needed fixing, and I was good to go.

    I assume that a file, maybe the wifi_supplicant.conf file (or whatever it's called) has somehow been made read only and needed a fix.
  11. ofirshw

    ofirshw Member

    I had these 2 issues:

    1. keep forgetting wifi passwords - eventually I found who should I blame for that - it was an app called Wefi which automatically connected my phone to any open wifi network.
    When I uninstalled it the problem was gone; strange, cause it deals with OPEN networks only (no password), but it did solve it.

    2. Couldn't save any password at all (as you described) - I found out that the wifi password file got defective somehow, and it was always 0 Byes no matter what.
    In order to solve that I used my root privilege to delete this file, and its automatic recreation solve this issue also; happened to me few time.

    Now I'm on a Android 4.X so none of these ever happened.
  12. desdroid

    desdroid Member

    Best Answer
    SOLUTION for NOTE 3 with MF4 ROM:

    YOU'RE A LIFE SAVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Why was [] set to true? --Is this by ROM's default?

    What functionality do we lose once it's set to "false"?
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  13. nickcrdavis

    nickcrdavis New Member

    Complete newbie to this forum, but i have also had the same problem on a Note 3 where it suddenly wipes all the saved wifi settings.
    Sorry to be dumb- but how do i access the system file stuff mentioned above?
  14. Javry

    Javry New Member

    I am also having this problem. My Note 3 looses all the passwords to my wifi networks about every two to 3 days. I happen to know most of them by heart now so I'm able to re-enter them easily enough but it's just such a PITB. Also, my Note 3 doesn't always auto scan for networks when I go into a new location or a location I've been to before. It does it every once in awhile - but most of the time, I have to go into the settings and force the scan. Not sure what's causing this but for $800, I'm just not impressed.
  15. tankaer

    tankaer New Member

    Definitive answer. This worked instantly on a rooted stock Lollipop Note3. It hadn't been able to hold a password for more than 5 minutes since the Lollipop update. No problems now. I would like to know if there are consequences to changing that build prop file though...

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