Phone keeps Rebooting after Rom Flashing

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  1. patbushnell

    patbushnell New Member

    Hey all,

    I've tried asking XDA for help but so far not a whole lot.
    This is my problem:

    All the details are in the description. It just continues to reboot. I don't know if it's a kernel issue, a memory issue (it works on other HTC One Vs, why not mine?), Rom issue, root issue. I'm out of ideas. I've rooted a phone before but don't remember ever having this much of a problem before.

    I unlocked bootloader, installed CWM Recovery, Installed SuperSU, Wipe caches/delviks/data, flashed rom and gapps, flashed Jellyboot5.img in fastboot, and rebooted it. Done through PC. It will start then freeze, and reboot. I then decided to restore my stock rom through nandroid and it would STILL reboot continually.

    Please check the video and let me know if anyone has had this problem before if anyone knows how to fix it. I just RUU'd my phone for the 4th time and, unless someone is 100% sure on how to fix this, I don't think I'm going to root my phone again.



  2. kwknott

    kwknott Well-Known Member Developer

    Had the same issue. After you flash the sick kernel boot IMG in fast boot are you going back into recovery to flash the zip file?

    Place ROM, gapps and sick kernel zip on sdcard... place extracted boot.img on pc to flash with fastboot

    Boot into recovery.
    Flash ROM
    Flash gapps

    Reboot into fast boot
    flash boot.img with fastboot

    Reboot into recovery
    Flash sick kernel zip

    Reboot into system
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  3. patbushnell

    patbushnell New Member

    Alright it's going...

    And oh my goodness you deserve a million dollars. Thank you so much, seriously you just saved me a WHOLE bunch of headaches!
  4. ODGeek

    ODGeek Well-Known Member

    Didn't work on mine...My phone still goes into a boot-loop on reboot after "fastboot flash boot boot.img"
  5. JTECH

    JTECH New Member

    hi am having the loop booting problem after i rooted my phone. I am new the whole android arena but i'm a tech savvy person and good at following instructions. Could you explain what you just wrote in lay mans terms so that I can recover my phone to normalcy please....

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