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  1. engrose

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    I have a Samsung SCH720 (Vitality/Admire) The Admire is with Metro PCS and the Vitality is with Cricket. My cell phone is the Vitality with Cricket.

    HISTORY: This phone is 5 months old. Original battery. Original charger. Never been in water. Never abused. Do not play games or d/l music. Do not even use Facebook on the phone. Only apps that I downloaded are Yahoo Mail, Chase Bank, and Adv Task Killer.

    My problem is the phone cuts off and on all day long. Then when I try to charge it it says Battery not compatible with phone. This just started happening 2 weeks ago.

    Called Cricket - they said it was the phone, said call Samsung. Called Samsung they said send it to us and we will look at it. So have sent the old one to Samsung then went and purchased another phone (exact same) now this one is starting to cut off and on just like the other one.

    ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS? I am really frustrated.

  2. That is horrible, ask for a new one or ship to samsung again.
    Dont try with new batteries.
    Not even once.
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  3. engrose

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    I thought maybe it was a software issue and there maybe a d/l or uplaod to fix?? I have seen a few other posts with similar issues.

    Do not want to send this one to Samsung til I get the other one back and see if it is going to work.

    Thanks for the response!
  4. engrose

    engrose Member

    Forgot to add.... I did a soft and a hard reset, still did not make any difference!
  5. No trust me, this is happening to my phone, just without the rebooting.
    It wont charge unless its in a certain pose.
    Return it, i wasted $35 on a battery and charger, but the charger is those that only charges the battery. But you cant use it on any AC/USB port unless its on a certain pose.
    You WISH there was a software fix, lol..
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  7. charssun

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  8. JPhillyBeats

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    This is the same exact problem ive been having with my admire, phone will randomly reboot a couple times a day
    At first I thought it was because I have the oced stock++ kernal but I tried underclocking it and that didnt fix it, I hope we can find the cause of this

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  9. charssun

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    Let's get to the bottom of this. The thread someone linked to above indicates the problem could have something to do with the sd card, so we can try the things they did to see if that resolves the problem. Only thing is, the problem discussed in the thread linked to was one in which the device was caught in an infinite reboot cycle; that's not what is happening with ours. Ours are simply rebooting intermittently...

    I flashed the overclock at one point, though it's no longer overclocked now. Unless my memory is mistaken, the problem began when I flashed back to the original stock ROM (see the corporate flash utility thread). In that state, my Vitality was rebooting even more frequently than it is now. Currently I'm running the OpenVitality ROM, which performs nicely except for the rebooting (which is not as often as before, but still annoying enough to warrant attention).

    Any ideas?
  10. Oh shit i remember now, my (phone) started to restart on its own and freeze up before i had this problem too, Wow..
  11. charssun

    charssun Well-Known Member

    Any developments?

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