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  1. an1254

    an1254 New Member

    I have the samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket, and about 4 weeks ago it restarted itself. It would turn off and vibrate until i would hold the power button, then it would turn back on. After it turned back on i would start to use it and it would do it again. It did this for about an hour then it stopped and was working fine. Then yesterday morning it started doing the same thing again, except this time its been going on for about 24 hours. just wondering if there is any quick fixes to this problem, or if anybody else has had this problem. It just did it a matter of seconds ago again, and i just noticed that the camera flash flashes every couple times when it vibrates, does that mean anything? Thanks.

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  2. Waldys

    Waldys Well-Known Member

    Lopts of reasons why a phone would jump into a boot loop.

    Water Damage

    but the most usual culprit is overloaded memory on the phone.

    Try clearing the data on and deleting apps (especially any that were downloaded right around the time the problem stated happening)

    "Settings" > "Applications" (or "Applications Manager" on ICS) > tap on the "All" tab > tap on the name of the App and tap on "Clear Data", then "Uninstall"

    If that doesn't work, simply do a Factory Wipe on it. That ALWAYS fixes it if it's a software issue.

    A Hardware issue would have to be repaired physically
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  3. an1254

    an1254 New Member

    I called the AT&T helpline and they said to reset the whole phone. I want to make sure I have all of my pictures and music saved onto my SD card before I do that. For my picture, when im on my phone and look at the information for each picture it says that it is saved on my SD card. But when i put my SD card into my computer none of the picture were on it.
  4. Waldys

    Waldys Well-Known Member

    But when you remove the SD card and check the phone's Gallery, are the pictures there?

    If they are not, then you know the pics are in the SD Card

    If they are, let me know and I'll walk you thorugh moving the pictures to the SD card.

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