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Phone Keeps Restarting No Matter What I DoSupport

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  1. hibari hime

    hibari hime New Member

    I have a Cricket Samsung Indulge which has been working fine until last night were it just keeps restarting itself in the middle of doing things like checking email or Facebook or just when I press my power button(when I do that it freezes then restarts or doesn't immediately go to the black screen then I have to press it a few times to where it does restart) or when I charge it or disconnect it from the charger. I've tried every solution I could find on here and everywhere else and I still haven't solved the problem. This is really getting annoying since I don't know what else to do and for now. Has anyone else have the problem before or knows have to solve it because this is getting really frustrating. Thanks so much!

  2. Shatterproof

    Shatterproof Well-Known Member

    What all have you tried so far? Also, what if any customizations have you done to the phone, what ROM are you using and have you installed any scripts like V6?
  3. pcgamer

    pcgamer Well-Known Member

    Did you overclock it and then "set at boot"? Cause sometimes phones can't handle a certain frequency and boot unexpectedly... With my experience on that i overclocked my tablet to as high as possible... And it booted a lot, if that's the case reflash the kernel or just the whole rom
  4. hibari hime

    hibari hime New Member

    I've tried taking the battery out and leaving it out for a couple of minutes, turning on and off my wifi since it solved the problem the last time this happened, turning it off the manual way, taking my SD Card out and starting up my phone with that. I haven't done any customizations the only ones that I know of is my apps which I use sometimes. My boyfriend did a hard reset on on it which sorta solved the problem but now when I press my power button my screen doesn't go off automatically while the phone is still on and if I hold it for a long time then my phone automatically restarts. The only way I can look for time and such on my phone is to slide the keyboard up to check on anything.

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