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  1. RoboticOtter

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    I have looked at other threads and didn't really see anything helpful. For awhile now my phone has been randomly restarting during the day. Sometimes up to 3 times at once. It never used to do this. I've looked around and have seen some others say that it could be a bad app that is causing it. I think this could be the problem but I have installed so many apps since it started that I wouldn't know which one is causing it.

    The phone goes into a soft reboot not a full one. It doesn't show the Samsung boot logo or anything. It's just black and then I hear the start up sound and my lock screen appears. My phone is rooted with Mr. X stock Telus rom with CIQ removed on it. I had it rooted for quite awhile before this happend so I can't see why there would be a software problem.

    So I'm wondering what my options are. If it is just an app how can I find out which one? I've tried alogcat but it's all just jibberish that I don't understand. And it's even been running when my phone has crashed. I thought something would stand out on it. Guess not... :confused:

  2. RoboticOtter

    RoboticOtter Active Member

    Nevermind. This forum is not very helpful. Everything i post never gets a reply. So mods, just go ahead and remove this...

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