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  1. KatieBur86

    KatieBur86 New Member

    My 2yr old Nephew had hold of my phone yesterday (please, don't judge, big mistake I know that now!!) and somehow he has changed my settings - everytime that annoying TouchWiz thing comes up (how do you stop that??? :mad:) it reverts my phone back to Easy Mode. I know how to switch it back, but I don't want to have to keep doing it. So, 2 things:

    1) How do I disable TouchWiz permenantly (what is even the point in it!!)

    2) How do I stop my phone reverting back to Easy Mode everytime I press the home button?



  2. soulshock

    soulshock Member

    click home button then click the laucher that you want to apply then you will see always and just once.... when click just once,, it will always prompt again, but if you will click always, you will not see it again, but if you download and install another laucher it will pup-up again..

    sorry for my bad english
  3. KatieBur86

    KatieBur86 New Member

    I have tried this, I always press 'always' instead of 'just once' and it still appears - I don't want TouchWiz to appear at all.

    What do you mean by downloading another launcher?


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