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  1. comish4lif

    comish4lif New Member

    I have a new LG Optimus Slider. Virgin Mobile is the carrier. I've had it about a week, loving it. No problems.

    Today, the browser crashed immediately after opening, so, I closed it and it did it again. So, then I decided to turn it off and back on. When I did that, it flashed the little Virgin Mobile (VM), the the noisy VM splashscreen, then back to the VM logo. Then it repeats the process. I took out the battery. Gave it a rest for a few minutes, put the battery back in and the same thing happened.

    Any thoughts/suggestions how to get out of this loop?

  2. bigbubba

    bigbubba Well-Known Member

    Google hard boot for OSlider, I think it is power button, Volume down and the home key, hope this helps
  3. comish4lif

    comish4lif New Member

    I had to do the hard reset. Kind of a bummer that it was the only option. But it solved the problem.
  4. Droidjames

    Droidjames New Member

    I have the same problem on my Op V but i cant hard reset it just flashes LG on and off why did this happen it was fine last night????? Any thoughts?
  5. Droidjames

    Droidjames New Member

    Hello Anyone?
  6. bill5martin1

    bill5martin1 New Member

    Did you ever find a solution?

    I have the same problem. It just happened. I turn on the phone and it says LG and Hello virgin mobile and keeps repeating it. The only way it stops doing it. Is if I pull the battery out. If I find a fix. I will post it here. I plan on fixing it. I don't have the money to just buy a new one right now. Plus, I don't have insurance. Even if I did. It would have been a waste of money. They charge you a large deductible for a refurbished phone and not a new phone. My brother had to pay a deductible of $60 for a samsung intercept, which is $99 brand new, which is a total rip off. So he paid two thirds the value of a the price of a brand new phone, for a refurbished one.

    If I can't fix it. I will probably save for a better phone and even look around at other companies and have my number ported. I will have to buy a cheap burn phone till I save up enough to get a HTC EVO or better. BTW, anyone looking to buy a new phone should use the app Price Check by Amazon. I found incredible deals on there for phones. I think I even saw a new LG Optimus Slider for $90. That is half of what virgin mobile wants on their site for a brand new one.


    PS. I noticed my browser kept crashing before this and was even going to do a factory reset. I downloaded a backup app today and backed my entire phone up. My advice is if anyone has problems with their browser crashing. They should do a factory reset ASAP, after they save their important info. Since I have a feeling it would have fixed the problem.

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