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    Nov 2, 2011
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    Hello everyone,

    Really need your kindness! Please please help!!!

    I recently got a Motorola Spice XT300

    Now I tried to install google latitude to be able to track where the phone is but switching on the GPS and wifi etc. drained a lot of battery and the battery would go out in an a couple of hours. Which was terrible.

    So now what should i do to have an internet website kind of thing or an app or something else that is easy on battery but also tells me where exactly the phone is only when i want to know so that there are no battery draining issues. I would really appreciate all help.

    I am new to android and wanted a simple phone before i upgrade to better ones like galazy s2 but till then please help me solve this problem. I have an iphone too and i would like to be able to check the location of the android from my iphone anytime and know where that phone is without it being a huge drain on the battery as google latitude was, moreover google latitude wouldn't even upate the location for a long time.

    Your kindness in detail to help me out and provide a solution would be greatly appreciated. I will be very grateful!!!


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