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Phone Locked (Froze) Up Last NightGeneral

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  1. luckywabbit

    luckywabbit Member

    Okay, so this is my first Android phone, and I have had the S3 for a couple weeks already. I have alarms setup in the morning for work, so I need them to be working! The past two weeks, the phone has not given me any trouble until this morning.

    Anyway, this morning I woke up on my own (lucky me) and checked my phone for the time. It didn't respond, so i was wondering what the heck happened. First thought was that I was late to work, but lucky for me I wasn't. So, the phone was completely frozen, it wouldn't respond to my presses on the power button. The red LED charge indicator was on. I unplugged in my phone, and the red LED indicator remained on and I still couldn't use my phone. I had to hold the power button down to restart the phone.

    Question, is it possible to check any kind of logs, or know what happen or what program may have caused the phone to lock up. I would hate for this to happen again and I am really late for work. Anyone else has issues where the phone locks up. I would hate to use a second device as an alarm backup.

  2. Poboy

    Poboy Well-Known Member

    If i read correctly your phone didn't wake up when the power or home key is pressed? I am having the same issue and it appears that it is a known bug and there will be an update in which a new kernel is sent out that fixes this.

    If you are having a different issue then ignore that.
  3. luckywabbit

    luckywabbit Member

    Well, you could say that it didn't respond, but it appears frozen as indicated by the stuck red LED charge light (even though phone is not charging) and my alarms did not go off (past the time).
  4. luckywabbit

    luckywabbit Member

    Okay, it happened again this morning while, weird. This time I had a blue LED blinking so I thought it wasn't frozen, but I couldn't activate through power or home button. Placing a call into my phone didn't work as well. Sounds like it's the same issue. I hope they issue that fix soon, not sure why it happen to me two times in 24 hours.
  5. badboybubby

    badboybubby Well-Known Member

    The same happened to me. Phone froze blank screen and charge light on when the phone wasn't charging. had to pull the battery to get it to reboot.
  6. luckywabbit

    luckywabbit Member

    I think I may have pinpointed the issue to a program (ESPN Sports Center). After uninstalling it, I stopped having the issue, though, I did experience it one more time afterwards (maybe Facebook), so I'm not entirely sure what the issue is. It has worked flawlessly for at least 2 weeks without an issue though, so check any recently installed programs if they are causing issues. Good luck.
  7. Lear35Pilot

    Lear35Pilot New Member

    Has anyone experienced a complete lock up of phone after being asked if you want to update phone? I now have a screen "Activity com.android.phone is not responding. Would you like to close it?" Then no response. Thanks for any advice!
  8. Lear35Pilot

    Lear35Pilot New Member

    I am looking for how to pull the battery on the S3? Perhaps that may be a solve for my lock up?
  9. chawski

    chawski Well-Known Member

    I have been running into the same issue since the most recent OTA. A battery pull is the only fix as far as I can tell. Hopefully this will be fixed soon

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