Phone locks when receiving a call

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  1. bkenobi69

    bkenobi69 Active Member

    OG Droid with Liquid Smooth 3.2 (same problem with 3.1). I haven't tried many other roms, so I don't know if this is a problem with my hardware (the phone is refurb and only 1 month old) or if I installed something that is breaking things.

    The issue: If I receive a call the phone will allow me to answer (move slider) but then lock so that the call is in speaker phone mode (or at least very loud) and I cannot control anything on the screen. The power button will turn off the screen, but that's it. The other person apparently cannot always hear me, so I don't know if the mic is working at that point. If I let the call end, the phone does not recover. The only way to recover seems to be to pull the battery.

    Last time this happened, the caller could hear me so I let the call end. After a minute or two, popped a force close message. A minute later, another app popped a force close. It did not recover even after an hour or so. Battery reset worked.

    This issue is not consistent. It occurs maybe 1 out of 20 incoming calls. I had the issue on LS3.1, so I upgraded to LS3.2. Same issue. I can try another rom (CGM7.x), but I really like LS so I'd like to see if there is a resolution.

    Is there a log mode I can enable to see if something consistent happens when the phone locks? I have a task killer installed. Could that be an issue? I'm not doing anything that I would have thought could be considered challenging for the phone (answering a phone call), so I'm not sure what to check.

  2. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    The problem with trying to run GB on the D1 is that it is so limited that you cannot have a lot of apps that run in the background - I know, I ran CM7 for almost 9 months on my D1 before I upgraded.

    A good test - make a Titanium backup (or a Nandroid full ROM backup, whichever floats you boat) and then perform a a factory reset - and without installing anything, see if the problem still occurs.

    If it does not occur, then it is not the ROM, it's most likely an app. If it still occurs, you can either 1) try a different ROM, or 2) flash to stock and see if it happens in stock. If not, most likely the ROM...if it does, then obviously you need a replacement four your refurb.
  3. bkenobi69

    bkenobi69 Active Member

    Thanks for the reply! I asked the same question on a couple different Android boards since I didn't know which (if any) were still active for the D1. I received 1 other reply on a different board that suggested the same thing (the D1 isn't capable of running that much). My next step which I am trying as I type this is to try a different rom that's still getting updates. I'm installing Steeldroid to see if things are improved.

    If this doesn't improve things much, I may look to upgrade to a better/more capable phone. This one was super cheap off ebay and the primary goal was to see if I would use the thing. My wife has had an android phone (LG I think) for a couple years and I HATED it. I actually really like this one, so if I can't get this working, I'll probably get a better one. Any suggestions?
  4. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    Lol - I kept my D1 only b/c I am playing with my BIONIC so much that in case I FUBAR it I an make the D1 active again to receive calls.

    As for suggestions on a new phone - ummm, are you with VZW,and if so, do you have unlimited data?

    I'm not gonna lie, I needed a new phone pretty badly, and the BIONIC sounded like a beast - and it is. The downside is a locked bootloader, which the D1 does not have, but the upside is multi-fold - 1) in-house developed LTE chip, which they've got almost all of the kinks worked out of now and it is blazingly fast. 2) Removable battery - I bought my phone through a Wireless Associates kiosk in a CostCo - as with most things CC, they had a lower price than VZW (by $20) and they threw in $160 worth of accessories, including a second stock battery, an external battery charger, a car charger, a leather case, screen protectors (never used them), desk top dock and car dock. However, if you like flashing ROMs a lot, the BIONIC may not be the answer for you b/c of the locked bootloader. We have a couple of methods to subtly get around the locked bootloader, but they do just that - get around it. Still, though, FWIW, I love my phone.

    My advice is this - do a lot of research. Figure out what you want and need in a phone, the capabilities, and then start focusing on the phone itself. That will help you make your decision narrow down to (hopefully) about 2 to 3 phones.
  5. bkenobi69

    bkenobi69 Active Member

    I'm on Verizon and have unlimited data. The only reason I rooted the phone in the first place was to get rid of the ads. I don't mind seeing them on my PC (as much anyway) since I have unlimited bandwidth. On the phone though, it was slowing things WAY down. I've been toying with LS since I didn't like how the stock rom required me to have facebook and twitter installed (among other things). I wanted more control.

    The primary requirement is that I don't want a tablet for a phone. I was using an old moto slide phone for a couple years. It was small and capable for phone and texting. I really just don't want to buy a backpack to carry around a phone...that seems dumb. The D1 is slightly larger than I wanted, but it's capabilities offset the size a bit. My wife has some massive android that is ridiculous.
  6. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    You're not required to have anything installed. If you don't like it, one of the beauties of rooting is you can remove anything from anywhere, don't need to put a whole different ROM just o get rid of a couple of system apps.

    Unless you can justify using anything else in the system, you sound more like you want to down grade to a feature phone. I don't have a tablet, I have a 4.5" BIONIC - way too small to be called a tablet, but definitely larger than the D1 in comparison. However, it still fits in all my pockets, and for me it has the speed and power I require of a device that does more than just phone home.

    Best bet with your D1 - SBF to stock and root it and freeze / remove the apps you don't want installed. If the problem still exists on stock, then your phone has issues in the hardware and may need some sort of repair to function correctly.
  7. bkenobi69

    bkenobi69 Active Member

    If Steeldroid doesn't fix things, I'll try going back to stock like you suggested. Thanks!
  8. bkenobi69

    bkenobi69 Active Member

    I've been using SD for about a month now and it works pretty good. I have had a couple issues with "Call not sent" errors that required reboots. I don't have much of anything installed at this point to make sure it's not my software causing issues. At least in the case of this issue, it doesn't lock the whole system up and a quick reset resolves things.

    I have dust under the screen (that happened on about day 2 of owning the OG), so I think I'll just live with these errors until I decide on an upgrade. I just have to decide which phone I want to go with. Suggestions?

    I'm looking for:
    * Gorilla glass
    * Full 5 row keyboard (I hate not having dedicated numbers)
    * Preferably no bigger than OG Droid (smaller would be OK)
    * Easily swappable memory card without removing battery would be nice so I could use it for music

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