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Phone Memory Low!Support

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  1. Steroid

    Steroid New Member

    My phone memory tends to get really low whenever I download any app. I have shifted all apps possible to my SD Card but it still doesn't help. Is there a way to increase the free space without rooting?:confused:

  2. Kreggory

    Kreggory New Member

    Move all available apps to SD card. After that is done the only thing you can really do is delete unused apps or pictures/multimedia etc. How much internal memory do you have left after all apps are moved?
  3. nikoli645

    nikoli645 New Member

    I have the same problem with my phone, I move all the apps but it is ridiculous that there are some that I cannot move to my SD card (gmail and photos) and why can't my photos be automatically added to my SD card. What a waste...I miss my iphone (8G), I had hundreds of pics, thousands of songs and never had to delete things...

    I loved this phone til I had to start deleting things on a daily basis. :mad:

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