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Phone memory running outSupport

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  1. MoleKingQ

    MoleKingQ New Member

    Hey, basically the internal memory of my phone keeps getting smaller. I have to delete texts as soon as they come in to save space. Recently I was unable to receive texts because there was no room. I've tried moving applications to the SD card but it won't let me move anymore. I've had to delete my facebook and music apps and all my music to make room. I haven't downloaded any new stuff but the phone memory keeps shrinking. When I delete apps and download them again they go to the internal memory and not the SD card. There's a lot of room on the SD card but no way to get stuff on. The memory is now at 30MB which isn't too bad and makes me wonder if it wasn't facebook or something.

  2. ArmageddonX

    ArmageddonX Well-Known Member

    Have you considered backing up your important information, contacts, pictures, and video? Then you could do a factory restore on your device and it'd work like new =)

    ~ ArmyX
  3. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

  4. htcexplorer

    htcexplorer Member

    Oh man..that's the same problem I used to have..I even went to the extent of uninstalling all the market apps and re-installing them on my phone (yeah i know a factory reset would have quickly sorted it out, but i didn't want to loose any contacts)..then I came across this app "1tap cleaner" on play store..it's a one stop shop for clearing any temporary/cache files stored on internal memory..you can do that yourself by going to settings -> application -> manage applications -> select the application you want to clear cache for -> click on clear cache..but this is going to be a tedious affair..

    To avoid all the hassle, i downloaded 1tap cleaner (by SAM LU) and now I clear all temporary files in one go..it won't give you a lot of space but helps keeping a check on cache files..in my case its always the PLAY STORE which occupies the most memory for storing files..

    Hope it helps..:)
  5. erum

    erum Member

    Well let me check this i will let you know.
  6. SOURAV123

    SOURAV123 New Member

    Hi friends
    i am new to this site
    i own a htc explorer, which has a common problem i.e. Memory.
    I managed it with the answers to the same problem on this site,
    rooted and installed link2sd 2-3 months back.
    But now a days my phone is again warning me memory getting low i uninstalled many apps but it still not stopping...
    I am helpless can anybody tell me why this is happening and suggest me any solution...
  7. johnsunder

    johnsunder New Member

    Hi Sourav

    This is a perennial problem in this phone. Try these following methods.

    1. Install App2SD from the store
    2. Move all the movable apps to the SD card
    3. Go to Settings->Manage Applications and open Gmail and clear the cache.
    4. Do the same for all the often used apps.

    This is sure to release some space for you.

    There's more info here


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